Extron Introduces New H.264 Streaming Media Player and Decoder

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  • Joe da Silva, Vice President of Marketing
  • Extron
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SMD 202
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Anaheim, California (January 27, 2015) - Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce the SMD 202, the latest addition to the company's H.264 Streaming AV product line. The SMD 202 is a compact, high performance media player and live stream decoder used in H.264 streaming applications. It provides the flexibility to present the signal from a locally connected AV device, decode a live streaming source, or play back media files from internal memory, removable SD card, local USB, or network storage. The SMD 202 supports a wide range of container formats and streaming protocols, making it adaptable for use with a variety of encoded media. Advanced signal processing, scaling, and aspect ratio management supply high quality signals to AV displays.

"Our new SMD 202 distinguishes itself with the flexibility it offers to serve as both a live stream decoder and media player, which plays back many different media file formats from a variety of storage locations," says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. "Integration-friendly controls and advanced signal processing round out a feature set that provides effective solutions to the challenges faced by AV professionals when integrating streaming into AV systems."

The SMD 202 is adaptable to different network conditions and streaming requirements, offering both push and pull streaming configurations. Audio output signals are available as HDMI embedded audio as well as analog stereo audio, making it directly compatible with embedded display speakers or existing audio systems. An intuitive, interactive on-screen menu provides easy setup and source selection using front panel buttons or the optional handheld IR remote control. Designed for pro AV applications, the SMD 202 can be controlled using Ethernet, RS-232, IR, and wired IR interfaces.

To watch a product introduction video, please visit: www.extron.com/smd202video

For more information on the SMD 202, please visit: www.extron.com/smd202pr

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