The School of Emerging Technologies 4K

The School of Emerging Technologies 4K provides in-depth instruction that empowers system designers, resellers, consultants, and sales professionals to master 4K AV technologies within a short time span. The training concentrates on preparing AV infrastructure for current 4K needs and an 8K future. The instruction shows how to design 4K AV systems by openly discussing the importance of signal data rates and which parameters are most critical to each application. The student-instructor ratio is kept low to ensure that each attendee receives individual attention. The School of Emerging Technologies 4K provides instructor-led training, demonstrations, and hands-on experiences in real-world scenarios to reinforce learning.

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This training program is ideal for design engineers and sales professionals.


  • AV Associate certification
  • General AV industry experience

The School of Emerging Technologies 4K provides training on the following topics

4K Signal Processing Technologies

Identifies the importance of signal processors and details Extron patented technologies for signal processing. Gain an understanding of:

  • The capabilities of signal processors and how they can be used to convert signals and manage diverse input sources
  • Extron-exclusive signal processing technologies for video deinterlacing, scaling, and frame rate conversion
  • The advantages provided by Extron’s Vector 4K technology for signal processing

4K Fiber Optic System Solutions

Explains the reasons for selecting fiber for data transmission and discusses important fiber optic system design considerations. Learn about:

  • Selecting the correct fiber optic equipment based on system needs and sustainability requirements
  • Signal distribution facility-wide secure switching technologies
  • Getting the most from your fiber optic system by using Extron products for secure signal distribution

Extron's DTP/XTP Twisted Pair Systems

Discusses 4K AV system requirements and how Extron's twisted pair cable products meet the challenges presented by various applications. Find out about:

  • Extron systems that are able to meet the challenges of enterprise-wide 4K signal transmission
  • Switching and distributing signals from multiple sources to numerous destinations over distance
  • Extron’s twisted pair solutions that can transmit audio, 4K video, and control over a single cable

AV Streaming Technologies

Explores how to design systems to meet customer expectations for 4K AV streaming and recording. Understand how to:

  • Use Extron technologies to meet customer expectations for video content recording and delivery
  • Implement best practices for streaming 4K content with low latency and visually lossless quality
  • Employ Extron’s streaming and recording solutions for specific applications through an understanding of Streaming AV needs analysis

Extron Systems for Sound Reinforcement and Audio Reproduction

Provides an overview and practical techniques to achieve proper sound reinforcement and audio reproduction for a wide range of environments using an energy efficient system. Discover how:

  • Extron ProDSP products allow you to alter audio signals in terms of time, spectrum, and level
  • Various Extron technologies provide professional power and sound clarity in thermally efficient and space-saving designs
  • Extron Digital Matrix Processors provide an all-in-one box solution for audio switching and control

AV Control System Strategies for Today and Tomorrow

Designed to help you identify the best ways to take advantage of Extron control technology to handle the evolving intricacies of today's most complex 4K AV system designs. Learn how to:

  • Utilize Extron Pro Series control products and software to configure user-friendly 4K AV system control
  • Streamline the integration of control products within demanding AV control environments
  • Plan, deploy, and maintain Extron control systems for conference rooms and divisible rooms
  • Design a control system using Extron solutions that address your network security challenges

Further Information

To learn more about the School of Emerging Technologies 4K including details on how to register, please contact your Extron Customer Support Representative.

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