Extron PoleVault System Helps San Ysidro School District Achieve Its Classroom Technology Goals

Extron PoleVault System Helps San Ysidro School District Achieve Its Classroom Technology Goals

The San Ysidro School District's blueprint for the future includes standardizing all of its classrooms, making them learning environments that use a variety of technologies to increase student achievement.

"The San Ysidro School District has always recognized that technology is a key component in learning," says Frank Paredes, Director of Information Management for the school district. "Our students are growing up in a digital age and they'll need to be able to compete in the global market. For that reason, we are building new schools with a 21st century mindset and the latest in AV technology." Last year, the school district in San Diego County, CA, installed 189 PoleVault Systems in classrooms. "The complete package solution provided by PoleVault Systems was just what the district needed to satisfy its goals," Paredes says.

Teachers Enthusiastically Embrace PoleVault

Ocean View Hills School was the first school in the district to be equipped with a PoleVault System. After that, a district-wide installation followed easily, according to Paredes. "Each high-tech classroom in the district has a ceiling-mounted projector, a SMART Board, a document camera to replace outdated overheads, a wireless microphone, a DVD/VCR combo recorder, and Extron's PVS 300 PoleVault System, which includes everything else needed for a complete AV system," he says.

Teachers in the San Ysidro School District have enthusiastically embraced the PoleVault Systems. "After the Ocean View Hills installation, teachers at other schools demanded the new technology, so the decision to invest in the PoleVault Systems was easy," Paredes says. "Many times, solutions of this nature are implemented, but teachers are forced to use the technology. This was not the case in our district."

The same technology is available in every classroom, so if teachers are transferred from one classroom to another, they have an identical, easy-to- use system in the new classroom.

Installation and Support

Southland Technology, Inc. acted as integrator for this large-scale project. Robert Pedigo, President of the company, says, "We have a strong history of success in the education market, and we felt that the school district would do well with the Extron PoleVault System product line. The ease of installation and the low-priced package solution made the PoleVault System the perfect choice for the school district.

"With pre-terminated cables, simple CAT 5 connections, and all the parts you need in the box, PoleVault Systems are among the easiest full-featured systems to install in the industry," Pedigo says. "We were able to accomplish the 189-room installation in only five weeks, from receipt of purchase order to completion. The ease of installation and reliability of the equipment, and the ability to duplicate the process enabled us to complete this project in an almost unrealistic amount of time."

Network Connected for Classroom Monitoring and Support

The PoleVault System features network connectivity for Web-based monitoring and rapid problem resolution. In the San Ysidro School District, key classroom equipment is connected to the school district's robust network infrastructure using IP Link®, Extron's high performance, intelligent network integration solution. Each school has its own subnet, and is configured accordingly. "We use IP Link for security, tracking lamp usage, and to schedule preventative maintenance work," Paredes says. "It enables us to be proactive about changing bulbs and cleaning out filters in the projectors. IP Link is also very helpful for shutting down the projectors so that they don't stay on after a cutoff time designated by the school district."

IP Link is also used for remote support. "It allows us to be more effective because we can manage equipment from a central office. We can troubleshoot and quickly respond to calls for help," Paredes says.


Paredes reiterates the importance of technology in the classroom and why the PoleVault System has made such a difference for the district. "Technology in education enables greater access to learning and teaching resources, improves student achievement and literary skills, and increases collaborative learning," he says. "We recognize the importance of PoleVault Systems and other innovative technologies in helping us achieve our goal of enhancing student learning."

A Look at the PoleVault System

Extron's PoleVault Systems are easy-to-use, network-enabled, all inclusive packages, making them ideal for schools and universities. They use economical twisted pair cable for transmitting signals, and include network connectivity for Web-based asset management, monitoring, and control. The PoleVault System package includes all the necessary audio and video switching, audio amplification, system control, source connectivity, speakers, mounting hardware, and cabling for a complete classroom AV solution. All that remains is to add the video projector, projection screen, and video sources.

IP Link Technology and GlobalViewer

Each PoleVault System includes an easy-to-use MediaLink controller with IP Link technology for network-based control and monitoring. When used with Extron's free GlobalViewer® Web-based software, the IP Link-enabled PoleVault System provides a powerful, flexible way to manage, monitor, and control classroom AV equipment using a standard TCP/IP network.