Extron Introduces the RGB 164xi

  • Public relations contact:
  • Joe da Silva, Vice President of Marketing
  • Extron
  • E-mail: pr@extron.com
Anaheim, California (March 28, 2002) – Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce the Extron RGB 164xi, a new addition to the RGB 160xi line of universal, analog computer-video interfaces. The RGB 164xi features two individually buffered RGB outputs on BNCs which eliminates the need for a distribution amplifier when two outputs are needed. In addition, the RGB 164xi includes a female 15-pin HD input as well as a buffered local monitor output for viewing the local display. With a 15-130 kHz scanning range and 300 MHz (-3dB) RGB bandwidth, the RGB 164xi is compatible with VGA—UXGA, Mac, Sun, and SGI signals, enabling it to interface with nearly every computer system and presentation display on the market. The RGB 164xi is able to convert computer-generated, unbalanced stereo audio to balanced line-level audio to ensure trouble-free routing over long cable runs. Extron's exclusive Advanced Digital Sync Processing (ADSP™) technology ensures that the RGB 164xi will work flawlessly with digital display devices (DLP, LCD, plasma, etc.). Digital display devices often have trouble with degraded sync signals altered through previous processing or interfacing. ADSP compensates for limitations imposed by sync processing, preventing common image problems such as hooking, tearing, or bending at the top of the screen.

A three-position toggle switch for level and peaking provides signal compensation for darkened images or loss of sharpness caused by long cable runs. Level and peaking control work to maintain signal integrity, producing an image that is brighter and sharper. Housed in a half rack width, 1U metal enclosure, the RGB 164xi can be mounted in a rack, as well as under or through a desk utilizing optional mounting brackets.

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