Extron Retractor Series

Next Generation Cable Retraction Modules with Speed Control

Cable management is a critical consideration for any AV presentation environment. Loose cables strewn over a table top may be acceptable in rental/staging or similar temporary applications, for example, but not in a boardroom or conference room, or classroom or training facility, where presentations occur regularly. The Extron Retractor is a patented, variable speed cable retraction management system designed to work with AVEdge 100 Edge Mount, Cable Cubby®, and TouchLink Cable Cubby cable access enclosures. Alternately, Retractor modules can be mounted below the furniture surface with the TMK 120 R Table Mount Kit, ideal for applications in which the furniture cannot be cut to accept a Cable Cubby enclosure. Retractor modules are available to support most AV and data signal types, including HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, Network, PC Audio, and USB. Refer to the DC Retractor compatibility guide for a list of compatible laptops. Cables extend up to five feet (152 cm) and are held securely in place at the desired length. The cables retract at the press of a button, with integrator-adjustable retraction speed control for smooth operation in a horizontal and vertical mounting orientations.

Key Features

  • Convenient, easy to install cable retraction system for AVEdge 100 Edge Mount enclosures, Cable Cubby Series cable access enclosures, and TMK 120 R Table Mount Kit
  • Choice of cable extension length – Retractor Series modules provide cable extension up to 3 feet (90 cm), and Retractor Series XL – Extended Length modules for cable extension up to 5 feet (152 cm).
  • Provides a 4' (1.2 m) to 6' (1.8 m) pigtail for connecting to AV system components or floor boxes located beneath the mounting surface, depending on version
  • Holds cable securely in place at a user-defined length
  • Simple push-button release retracts cable after use
  • Precise variable-speed cable retraction control provides more than 50 steps of adjustment between 1.5 and 4.0 seconds — Cable extension and retraction mechanisms operate independently for greater reliability and longer cable life.
  • Engineered for long life and reliability, and tested to exceed 7,500 cable extension and retraction cycles
  • Flexible installation options — Retractor Series modules can be installed under a table or other work surface in either a vertical or horizontal position.
  • Available in a variety of commonly used AV and data connectors, including HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, PC Audio, Network, and USB
  • Retractor DC extends DC power for many Dell, HP, and Compaq PCs, while Lenovo DC is compatible with select Lenovo laptops
Retractor Series Diagram
Retractor Series Diagram

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