The Extron Product Recycling Program

Recycling Program

Extron has had an internal recycling program for years, in which we break down damaged and obsolete products into their various components – paper, cardboard, plastic wrap, packaging materials, printed circuit boards, electronics components, cable, wire, and metal, which are then processed through our recycling partner.

Extron customers have asked for a way to recycle their Extron products, and we are pleased to now offer The Extron Product Recycling Program. With this Program, Extron customers in the U.S. can send their Extron products to us and we will responsibly process them for recycling.

The process is simple.

  1. Download and fill out the Extron Product Recycling Form.
  2. At your expense, pack and ship your Extron product along with the Recycling Form back to Extron using the address on the Form. NOTE: Do not ship via US Postal Service to the address on the Form.
  3. Extron will disassemble and responsibly recycle the product for you. No credit will be issued for this product and you waive all rights to this material.
  4. Please note on the outside of the box: ATTN: DEPOT REPAIR RECYCLING CENTER

Please contact your Extron Representative for more information.