Extron Showcases Quantum® High Performance Multi-Graphic Videowall Processing Systems

  • Public relations contact:
  • Joe da Silva, Vice President of Marketing
  • Extron
  • E-mail: pr@extron.com

Anaheim, California (June 9, 2010) - Extron Electronics is exhibiting the Quantum® line of multi-graphic videowall processing systems at InfoComm 2010. These high resolution videowall processors feature highly scalable input, output, and windowing capabilities, plus high performance image scaling technology. The Quantum Elite is designed for large videowalls up to 28 screens and larger, while the Quantum Connect is ideal for small to medium-sized videowalls up to 14 screens.

"These high performance, highly versatile multi-graphic videowall processing systems will offer new opportunities for our customers to design and integrate AV systems in command and control centers, network operation centers, and many other public display environments that typically include large-array videowall systems," says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. "We are pleased to offer dedicated commissioning services for Quantum videowall processing systems, in which we will work closely with our customers, starting from the system design phase, through installation and on-site training."

Both the Quantum Elite and Quantum Connect are card cage designs that support various combinations of 12-input video cards, dual DVI/RGB input cards, and dual DVI/RGB output cards. They can display up to 126 windows per output and feature a dedicated high-bandwidth video/graphic bus, maintaining high real-time performance even under heavy loading.

The Quantum Connect features eight slots and can accommodate up to 84 video inputs or 14 DVI/RGB inputs on up to 14 outputs, depending on the input and output card configuration. The Quantum Connect is shipped with a fixed I/O configuration, specified at time of ordering.

The Quantum Elite, designed for larger videowall systems, is available in 15-slot and eight-slot models. The 15-slot version supports up to 168 video or 28 DVI/RGB inputs, and up to 28 outputs. The Quantum Elite can be expanded by adding input and output cards, and by cascading multiple card frames to accommodate display arrays of more than 28 screens.

In addition to the input cards, the Quantum Elite supports hundreds of additional RGB or DVI inputs streamed over IP networks from Extron QGE 100 Quantum Graphics Encoders. The QGE 100 captures RGB or DVI computer-video images and streams them to Quantum Elite videowall processors. It is ideal for capturing text or data displays, or graphics with medium to low motion. Lossless compression applied in the QGE 100 enables the capture and interfacing of hundreds of computer-video inputs to the Quantum Elite, using low network bandwidth while preserving image quality.

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