Extron PlenumVault Direct View System - The Perfect Partner for Classroom Flat Panel Displays

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Extron PlenumVault Direct View System
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Anaheim, California (February 12, 2021) - Extron is excited to introduce the new PlenumVault Direct View System for classrooms with flat panel displays. This system delivers an excellent experience for students and instructors, providing enhanced audio and video quality for in-person, hybrid, and remote learning environments. Customers can add their choice of user interface options, AV signal extension, speakers, mounting hardware, and cabling for a complete classroom AV solution. Advanced audio capabilities include integrated amplifier, audio input mixing, and line level outputs for remote learning or assistive listening. The built-in control processor automates AV system functions so instructors can start teaching with AV tools the minute they enter the room.

"With flat panel displays becoming so popular in classroom AV systems, Extron engineered an AV distribution and control system especially suited for these displays,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Extron. “The PlenumVault Direct View system delivers superior video up to 4K, along with clear and powerful sound that you simply can’t obtain through flat panel display speakers."

The PlenumVault Direct View System supports Extron ShareLink Pro wired and wireless presentation systems, allowing BYOD devices to share content on the flat panel display. The system seamlessly integrates with the VoiceLift Pro microphone for instructor voice reinforcement. System components hide above the suspended ceiling in a sturdy yet accessible enclosure and setup is straightforward with user-friendly configuration software.

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