Extron MPX Plus 866 A

The Industry's First AV Matrix with Professional DSP

The Extron MPX Plus 866 A ProDSP™ Media Presentation Matrix Switcher is a unique AV multi-switcher with integrated ProDSP, a powerful digital audio processing platform with an extensive selection of audio DSP tools for audio system design, configuration, and optimization. Intuitive DSP Configurator™ Software provides a complete system view of the switcher’s operational aspects within the Graphical User Environment. With ProDSP, the MPX Plus 866 A is an ideal one-box solution for complete audio and video integration that simplifies system requirements, expedites installation, and saves money.

Key Features

  • Entirely new, powerful 32/64-bit floating point audio DSP engine from Extron supports multiple, simultaneous DSP processes with extremely low latency
  • Four matrix switchers in one: 8x6 VGA, 6x6 composite video or S-video, 14x6 stereo audio, and a 4x6 mic/line matrix mixer
  • Intuitive Graphical User Environment allows for complete AV system visualization, audio DSP processing control, audio and video I/O ties, and microphone mixing points in a single window
  • SpeedNav keyboard navigation for mouse-free operation of the DSP Configurator Software from a laptop

Extensive Array of DSP Tools

GAIN STAGES 4 gain stages across line level channels Gain control at mic mix points 2 gain stages across mic/line channels
DYNAMICS AGC Compressor Limiter Noise gate
DUCKING 1 ducking processor per mic input; 2 ducking priority groups
LOUDNESS 1 loudness processor per line output
FILTERS 3 filters per line input, 5 filters per mic input, 9 filters per output High pass Low pass Shelving Parametric EQ
DELAY 1 processor per input and output up to 200 ms each
FEEDBACK SUPPRESSION 1 anti-feedback processor per mic/line input
PRESETS 32 presets Global - audio and video ties only Partial - selected DSP settings

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