Extron AV Solutions Add Robust Elegance to Meeting Spaces at NVIDIA Headquarters

The quality, reliability, and sophistication of Extron's AV products, such as the pendant speaker and touchpanels, combined with their superior support allowed us to deploy a solid and efficient yet stylish installation within our new headquarters in record time.

Zeevi Grisario Senior Engineer
Nvidia IT Networking Business Unit


NVIDIA's network business headquarters, located in Yokneam, Israel, needed a redesign to enhance the professional functionality and increase energy efficiency, while also being aesthetically pleasing. The AV systems within the nine-story building's many meeting rooms and conference areas had to present this same degree of technical sophistication and elegance.

System requirements included reliable, seamless AV switching among multiple formats, discreet AV connectivity, videoconferencing, and superior sound reinforcement. The installation had to blend with the elegant design of the office environment. Control had to be intuitive and allow remote system monitoring. NVIDIA standardized on Extron.


Bynet Data Communication was brought on board to integrate the meeting rooms throughout the headquarters. Each room includes professional 55' to 65' displays, except the boardroom which has two 98" displays mounted side by side on the front wall, and Extron AV switching and control systems, room automation, and sound reinforcement products.

An Extron DTP CrossPoint 84 4K IPCP SA 8x4 presentation matrix switcher with built‑in audio processing and an integrated control processor provides content switching and scaling. A Poly® videoconferencing system is tied to the DTP CrossPoint® switcher, and the systems are installed on wooden shelves mounted to the bottom surface of the conference table. A separate 55" flip display to one side of the room supports annotation on an electronic whiteboard.

An Extron XPA U 1002-70V power amplifier receives processed audio signals from the matrix switcher and drives a distributed sound system consisting of four Extron SF 26PT SoundField® pendant speakers. Resembling modern light fixtures, they are hidden in plain sight. These unobtrusive speakers have 92° conical dispersion and a two-way design that ensures exceptional audio quality throughout the meeting space. Bynet appreciated that the PendantConnect® speaker cable combined the speaker wires and the steel support cables within a single outer jacket, providing a secure, discreet connection. The SF 26PT speaker is just one example of the polished, professional AV equipment that complements the building's aesthetic.

The presenter can easily control the system using the Extron TLP Pro 725C TouchLink® Pro touchpanel installed at the head of the conference table. Integrated onto the underside of the black Cable Cubby® enclosure’s lid is a 7" capacitive touchscreen. The intuitive user interface was custom designed for this application, minimizing requests for AV system support. The enclosure also provides access to power and AV connectivity. Extron Retractor cable systems mounted beneath the table facilitate easy extension, retraction, and storage of multiple HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C®, and network cables.

To remotely monitor the installation, the support team uses Extron’s GlobalViewer® Enterprise – GVE. This server-based application also supports campus-wide scheduling and generation of reports for time-stamped AV system data collection. The reports enable the team to maintain system efficiency throughout the NVIDIA headquarters.


NVIDIA is quite pleased with the quality, reliability, and energy efficiency of their AV systems. The easy AV connectivity, high-fidelity sound, and user-friendly control by Extron products meets every requirement for presentation and room automation, while also portraying the elegance and sophistication expected at the global headquarters for a technology leader such as NVIDIA.