Extron MPS 409 Media Presentation Switcher

Bridging the Digital/Analog Divide

The MPS 409 Media Presentation Switcher combines HDMI, DVI, VGA / HDTV, composite video and analog stereo audio switchers into one, compact enclosure. It features EDID Minder®, an Extron exclusive technology that ensures all DVI and VGA sources power up properly and maintain their video outputs. The MPS 409 is ideal for single-display applications that require a hybrid switcher for integration of digital and analog source signals.

Key Features

  • Five switchers in one enclosure:
    • 3x1 HDMI switcher
    • 2x1 DVI switcher
    • 2x1 VGA / HDTV switcher
    • 2x1 composite video switcher
    • 9x1 analog stereo audio switcher
  • Supported HDMI specification features include data rates up to 6.75 Gbps, Deep Color up to 12-bit, 3D, Lip Sync, and HD lossless audio formats
  • Three selectable switching modes, including the ability to route all DVI and HDMI sources to the display using a single HDMI cable
  • EDID Minder ensures proper and reliable display of DVI and VGA signals
MPS 409 Diagram
MPS 409 Diagram

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