MLC 55 Series

MediaLink Controllers with Sleek, Elegant New Designs

The MLC 55 Series are economical, easy-to-use MediaLink controllers used for common AV functions such as power, input selection, and volume in single display applications. They feature a sleek, new look with redesigned backlit buttons and magnetically-attached faceplates that hide the mounting screws and configuration ports, giving the controllers a refined, uncluttered appearance. All models include unidirectional RS‑232 and IR display control, as well as discrete ON and OFF display power controls. The MLC 55 Series is available in four form factors to accommodate a variety of mounting options, worldwide.

Extron's easy-to-use MLC 55,62,64 Series configuration software provides fast and simple setup via USB when combined with one of many ready-to-use RS‑ or IR device drivers available on the Extron Web site. The configuration program and these four controllers also support IR Learning for creating new IR drivers from the handheld remote of a source or display device.

Key Features

  • Sleek, elegant new look
  • Unidirectional RS‑232 and IR port for universal display control
  • Available in four form factors with multiple mounting options
  • Discrete ON and OFF display power controls
  • Dual color, backlit buttons can be custom labeled for easy identification
  • Configure with MLC 55,62,64 Series configuration software
  • Supports IR Learning for easy creation of IR drivers
  • Thousands of Extron certified, ready-to-use device drivers are available
MLC 55 Series

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