Extron 12x12 Matrix Switchers

Now... The I/O Size You've Always Wanted

Extron's 12 input, 12 output matrix switchers are the size you've always wanted, and at a price that fits your budget. As the first manufacturer of a full line of 12x12 matrix switchers from composite video to ultra-wideband RGB, Extron adds that much-needed I/O option between 12x8 and 16x16 sizes. This size can present a significant cost savings over traditional 16x16 matrix switchers. Extron matrix switchers are the AV system designer's first choice for efficient and economical video and audio signal routing, and there's a model available in the right size for all the jobs you do.

The Extron 12x12 Matrix Advantage

The Right Size for So Many Reasons

  • Maintains functionality – Eliminates the need to scale back input sources or output destinations to fit traditional 8-output matrix switcher designs
  • Keeps control systems simple – Reduces control system costs by eliminating the need to use two switchers, one for video and one for RGB, in mid-size signal routing applications
  • Provides room for expansion – System designers can allow for two or three system expansion I/O's without breaking the job budget
  • Keeps costs in check – Provides a cost-effective alternative to higher-priced 16x16 and modular matrix switcher designs

Key Features

With the Right Features for the Jobs You Do

  • Reliable, high performance signal routing – Fixed I/O design maintains consistent, high bandwidth performance in all switching conditions
  • ADSP™ Advanced Digital Sync Processing – An all-digital process that ensures a stable sync and signal compatibility in high resolution VGA and RGB switching applications
  • Audio input gain and attenuation – Eliminates noticeable differences in volume when switching between sources
  • Audio output volume adjustment and muting – Eliminates the need for separate preamplifiers in many AV system design

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