Extron Introduces the NEW Matrix 12800 Series Switchers

  • Public relations contact:
  • Joe da Silva, Vice President of Marketing
  • Extron
  • E-mail: pr@extron.com
Anaheim, California (June 15, 2000) - Extron introduces the Matrix 12800 Series Switchers for large-scale routing applications that currently or may one day require up to 128 inputs and 128 outputs. The new Matrix 12800 provides the performance, reliability, expandability, redundancy, and serviceability crucial to any mission-critical, centralized AV switching environment. The Matrix 12800 provides modular construction and switching of RGBHV, RGBS, RsGsBs, RGsB, component video, S-video, composite video, and/or two channel stereo audio. With a minimum video bandwidth of 200 MHz (-3dB) when fully loaded, the Matrix 12800 maintains the image integrity. Additional advantages include a hot-swappable, modular design; computer aided self-diagnostics; Digital Sync Validation Processing (DSVP™); dual, redundant power supplies and cooling system; easy upgradeability and maintenance; room presets; and a rack-mountable enclosure. The Matrix 12800 offers the convenience of hot-swappable I/O boards, power supplies, and cooling fans. Hot-swappable components allow the user to upgrade or replace any part at any time-without the need to power down the matrix. This is especially useful for crucial applications that require continuous operation. I/O boards, power supplies, and cooling fans are easily accessible through the front panel, and there is no need for tools when removing any hot-swappable component. The Matrix 12800 is a uniquely reliable matrix switcher ideal for off-site or unmanned AV systems as well as sensitive, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week applications, such as NOC, government, or military installations. Advanced computer aided diagnostics provides 24-hour self-diagnostics of I/O boards, power supplies, controllers, cooling fans, and general functions of the matrix. Extron's exclusive DSVP verifies active sources by scanning all inputs for active sync signals. DSVP then transmits the horizontal and vertical scan rate information to the user via any type of control system using RS-232/422 commands. For mission-critical applications, the Matrix 12800 offers dual, fully redundant, and hot swappable power supplies and cooling fans. The primary power supply system is configured to support automatic fail-over to a hot spare power supply. This means zero downtime for the system should a power supply fail. Dual, redundant cooling fans are provided for ventilation and heat management. Power supplies, fans, and filters are easily accessible through the front panel for maintenance and replacement. Each Matrix 12800 can be programmed to assign multiple outputs to specific "rooms," allowing them to have their own grouped presets. Room presets are especially useful for systems with several locations. Global presets are also offered. With convenient control from the front panel, optional MKP 1000 remote keypad, optional MCP 1000 remote panel, or RS-232/422 control, the Matrix 12800 will fit any system design. For pricing and other information, please call an Extron Customer Support Representative at: 714.491.1500 (Extron USA); +31.33.453.4040 (Extron Europe); or +65.383.4400 (Extron Asia).

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