Upgrade Extron Products With Enhanced Features

Extron LinkLicense® is a quick, cost-effective way for people to add even more powerful capabilities to Extron products. Each type of LinkLicense unlocks a unique set of features that add convenience and expand the functionality available in your system. It is applied per-system, enabling you to enhance the capabilities and performance where and when you need it. Activating a LinkLicense on a product is quick and effortless, so you can take immediate advantage of all the benefits.

LinkLicense for User Interfaces

This user interface upgrade is an easy way for people to use their mobile devices or computers as primary control interfaces. Systems using a standalone Extron IPCP Pro control processor or switcher with embedded control processor, HC 400 Series systems, and select TeamWork® collaboration systems can all benefit from this upgrade. When LinkLicense for User Interfaces is combined with one of these products and the Extron Control App, BYOD room control is easier than ever. Simply open the App or Web browser and gain instant access to the room’s AV. The intuitive, custom-built interface allows full control of source devices, sound, lighting - anything you can control with a standard touchpanel, but with the convenience of using your own device.

LinkLicense for Dual Recording

This upgrade enables the SMP 351 to record from two different video sources while streaming them independently. It also provides access to more audio DSP features, and integrates additional encoder and streaming presets.

LinkLicense for Enhanced Panopto Features

This annual support license enables enhanced integration with the Panopto enterprise video platform for the SMP 351 and SMP 352, bringing new capabilities to enable the SMP 300 Series to receive recording schedules from the Panopto video platform as well as streaming live video to Panopto using RTMP for live event broadcast and other applications. This upgrade will require the LinkLicense for the enhanced scheduling and live streaming features as well as installation of the complimentary FlexOS® application framework for automating the system operation.

LinkLicense for Enhanced Kaltura Features

This annual support license enables enhanced integration with the Kaltura hosted video platform for the SMP 351 and SMP 352. The addition of this LinkLicense adds enhanced features that enable users to schedule recordings from Kaltura, and it enables these products to stream live media to Kaltura using RTMP.

LinkLicense for NAVigator

Extron NAVigator is a purpose-built hardware appliance for the secure management, configuration, and control of NAV Series Pro AV over IP systems. LinkLicense for NAVigator empowers an entry-level NAVigator system, which supports 16 endpoints, to handle additional endpoints. To support any size application, three LinkLicense packages are available to support 48, 96, or 240 endpoints per NAVigator device. Multiple NAVigator devices working together can support thousands of endpoints.

LinkLicense for Horizontal Video Mirroring

The Horizontal Video Mirroring LinkLicense adds powerful features to SMP 111 or SMP 300 Series Streaming Media Processors. The expanded functionality enhances and streamlines the recording of video and audio presentations. Horizontal Video Mirroring flips video horizontally to support lightboard or other applications that require reversal of the video image due to the presenter facing the camera while writing on a transparent surface. This eliminates time and resources spent manually flipping the video in post-production. Add an Extron Pro Series control processor and a TouchLink Pro touchpanel to the SMP 300 Series product for a user-friendly, integrated recording solution. A free system template for TouchLink Pro touchpanels provides easy access to SMP 300 recording functions, including Horizontal Video Mirroring.

LinkLicense for EMS-Quantum Ultra

This LinkLicense upgrade for Quantum Ultra Videowall Processors enables communication between EMS–Quantum Ultra and the processor. EMS–Quantum Ultra combines the freedom of wireless control with an easy to use application designed for simple user control of videowalls. It is operated with familiar finger gestures and facilitates preset selection, window size and position, source selection, and other common operational tasks. The application can act as the sole point of control or work in conjunction with VCS - Videowall Configuration Software and a control system. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Microsoft Surface platforms.

Key Features

  • Cut costs by using a single license per system, not per user
  • Operates seamlessly with many Extron products
  • Use in a system where specific features or enhancements are required
  • Make system operation more convenient for the user
  • Save money and simplify deployment of enhanced features
  • Ease support by standardizing on a consistent control or streaming approach across your organization
  • Streamline the purchasing process and reduce administrative burdens
  • Enable capabilities that are customized for your user’s devices or the application needs
  • No central management of licenses required
LinkLicense Activation

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