Software Upgradeable Product Features

Extron LinkLicenses are software-enabled enhancements that allow you to easily upgrade Extron products. There are several types of LinkLicenses and each type unlocks a unique set of features and capabilities. With LinkLicenses, you can upgrade your system right out of the box or, over time, as your AV system demands grow.

Key Features

  • Software upgradeable product features without additional hardware expense
  • Use LinkLicenses to add convenience, expand system functionality, and enhance the capabilities of Extron products
  • Operates seamlessly with many Extron products
  • Upgrade your system right out of the box by purchasing and activating your LinkLicense or wait until your AV system demands grow, then upgrade as needed
  • Use in a system to enable specific features or enhancements that meet the changing needs of users and system demands over time
  • Activate LinkLicenses on a system-by-system basis to take immediate advantage of all the benefits where you need them
  • No central management of licenses is required