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Bring your own device with Extron LinkLicense

Extron LinkLicense® is a quick, cost-effective way for people to add even more powerful capabilities to Extron products. LinkLicense is applied per-system, not per-user, and there are no hidden costs.

LinkLicense for User Interfaces

This Pro Series user interface upgrade is an easy way for people to use their mobile devices or computers as primary control interfaces in an Extron Pro Series control system. When combined with an Extron IPCP Pro control processor and the Extron Control App, BYOD room control is easier than ever. Simply open the App or Web browser and gain instant access to the room’s AV. The intuitive, custom-built interface allows full control of source devices, sound, lighting - anything you can control with a standard touchpanel, but with the convenience of using your own device.

LinkLicense for the SMP 351

This upgrade will enable the SMP 351 to record from two different video sources while streaming them independently. It also provides access to more audio DSP features, and integrates additional encoder and streaming presets.

Key Features

  • Cut costs by using a single license per system, not per user
  • Operates seamlessly with many Extron products
  • Use in a system where specific features or enhancements are required
  • Make system operation more convenient for the user
  • Save money and simplify deployment of enhanced features
  • Ease support by standardizing on a consistent control or streaming approach across your organization
  • Ease support by standardizing on a consistent BYOD control approach across your organization
  • Streamline the purchasing process and reduce administrative burdens
  • Enable capabilities that are customized for your user’s devices or the application needs
  • No central management of licenses required
LinkLicense Activation

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