Extron Quantum Ultra Drives Immersive Artwork Videowall at Charlotte’s Legacy Union Tower

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Lincoln Harris Legacy Union Tower
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Anaheim, California (September 15, 2020) - Early in the development of the Lincoln Harris Union Tower, designers determined that they needed a large, eye-catching display system for the lobby of this impressive new 33-story, 850,000-square foot commercial use building. The vision was to entertain and inform visitors while providing tenants with a unique advertising platform. Integration firm Cenero installed a 36' tall by 64' wide NanoLumens 4 mm direct view LED videowall for this purpose. Content includes custom, 4K/60 content produced by Second Story that reflects city-centric art and history united with concepts and ideals representing the future of the city. The huge videowall is driven by an Extron Quantum Ultra 610 4K Videowall Processor. Since no other high rise buildings in the city offer anything similar, the immersive lobby display became a big competitive advantage, and the building was majority leased well before its grand opening. The sheer size of the videowall installation combined with compelling imagery continues to be a key selling point for the building.

“We were impressed with the performance of the Quantum Ultra processor,” says Frank Milesky, Southeast Area Director for Cenero. “Also with Extron’s technical expertise and on site support in handling changes and last minute requests.”

By default, the custom 4K/60 content fills the entire videowall by itself. Alternatively, it can serve as the background for up to 16 source windows that can be freely placed anywhere on the display. Additional requirements included seamless source switching and system automation.

The Quantum Ultra upscales the source content to match the native 4096x2304 resolution of the videowall. Four outputs feed the Nanolumens LED controller with 2048x1152/60 signals. Custom output timing rates and EDID were loaded to the processor to support this unique resolution. A comprehensive set of window configuration presets facilitate ease of use and automated operation during business hours. The support staff can also monitor and manage the videowall remotely.

For more information on the Legacy Union Tower installation, click here.

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