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Extron and KNX - Successful Integration of Control Systems and BMS

KNX is a global standard for home and building control used for more than 25 years. The KNX system is a bus system consisting of sensors and actuators for room and building automation. With KNX technology, multiple building management disciplines can be implemented for controlling lighting systems, window shades, and room climate control.

Within a typical Building Management System - BMS, KNX sensors can send information to the bus – for example light switches, dimmer switches, occupancy sensors, thermostats. Sensors communicate with actuators, that can be controlled via the bus – for example dimmers, shutters to control blinds, relays or room climate controllers.

As BMS become more complex, successful pairing and integration of AV control systems becomes crucial.

How Extron Control Systems Communicate with KNX

Since devices on a KNX system communicate over the KNX bus, the most efficient and convenient way to connect an Extron control system is to use a gateway with RS-232 or Ethernet interface.

The KNX gateways interface the control signals onto the KNX bus and also receive feedback on the status of KNX devices. This enables control from the graphical user interface of your AV room control system.

An Example of a KNX System Integrated with an Extron Control System

The diagram below illustrates a simple KNX system with various sensors and actuators, integrated with an Extron control system.

KNX Diagram

Easily add KNX building controls to your Global Configurator Project

The Extron configuration approach simplifies integration of existing KNX Building Automation systems. Global Configurator software allows you to easily assign actions to monitor and control temperature, shades, shutters, and adjust lighting.

Adding a KNX gateway is easy

Simply choose the device driver for the KNX gateway you’ve selected, and add it to your control project. You’re now ready to add actions to your user interface, to control the required KNX system functions and/or receive live feedback from the building management system.

The KNX gateways interface the control signals onto the KNX bus and also receive feedback on the status of KNX devices. This enables control from the graphical user interface of your AV room control system.

Implement KNX control by configuring the required group addresses in Global Configurator Configuration

The supported functions depend on the selected gateway, but typically include on/off switching, scaling to a unique value, dimming up and down, and setting a thermostat. Communication between devices on the KNX system is carried out via Group Addresses. The Group Address is a numbering of individual functions. You will need to acquire a listing of KNX Group Addresses from the KNX system integrator before you can configure the required actions or feedback within Global Configurator.

Example: KNX Group Address List

Main (Functions) Middle (Room) Sub (description) Address Type Function
Light Switch     1/-/-    
  Room A   1/1/-    
    Light 1 (switch) 1/1/1 1bit On/Off
    Light 1 (dimming) 1/1/2 3bit Up, Down, Stop
    Light 2 (switch) 1/1/3 1bit On/Off
    Light 2 (dimming) 1/1/4 3bit Up, Down, Stop
Light Scaling     2/-/-    
  Room A   2/1/-    
    Light 1 (scale) 2/1/1 8bit Scaling
    Light 2 (scale) 2/1/3 8bit Scaling

Configuration example with an Elka/Insta KNX RS232/RS485-IP Gateway

Device Driver for Elka Gateway added to one of the available Ethernet ports:

Configure device driver for KNX
Configure device driver for KNX

Once the Device Driver is added to your control project, you will get all functions, which can be easily assigned to a button within Global Configurator. All that is needed are the KNX group addresses for each function you wish to configure.

You can make configuration even simpler by creating an alias with the designated group address. This will allow you to easily recall a specific function without the need to memorize the group addressing at a later stage.

Configure Button Actions:

Configure button actions for KNX

Above example shows the configured actions associated to a scene recall. In this scenario, a button press will trigger two actions to occur simultaneously, which will set the light level of two separate KNX group addresses.


  • All KNX systems are designed, programmed and commissioned with Engineering Tool Software (ETS)
  • KNX Group Addresses must be acquired from the KNX system integrator
  • Both two and three level group addresses are supported - e.g. 4/3/101, 1/25
  • KNX Gateways may require manufacturer-specific software to program

Extron supports the following KNX gateways:

Manufacturer Model
Extron KNX 100G
Elka/Insta RS-232/485-IP
Gira KNX IP-Router (2167 00)
Gira KNX IP-Schnittstelle (2168 00)
Intesis ASCII KNX Gateway
Intesis BACnet/IP Server - KNX
Schneider Electric KNX / IP-Router REG-K
Schneider Electric KNX / IP-Router REG-K (Tunneling)
Siemens Desigo PXC

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