Glitch-Free Switching with Extron's ISS Series Integration Seamless Switchers

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Anaheim, California (April 8, 2002) – Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce the ISS Series Integration Seamless Switchers. These switchers provide seamless, glitch-free switching between eight inputs, each of which is fully configurable for all video types. The ISS Series combines flawless switching between every type of video signal and superior scaling technology with features like professional transitions between inputs using cuts and dissolves, "preview" and "program" outputs for viewing next-to-switch sources on a local monitor or control panel, and high performance scaling technologies. The ISS Seamless Switchers are all-in-one solutions for professional AV applications that route multiple video sources to digital projectors and displays. The ISS Series is ideal for use in the integrated systems designed for world-class boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, churches, and auditoriums where glitch-free, seamless switching and professional transitions between sources are essential. There are two seamless switchers/scalers in this series: the ISS 108 and the ISS 408. Both offer comparable features: eight inputs configurable for RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, component video, S-video, and/or composite video on female BNCs; and two high resolution RGB outputs on female BNCs and/or female 15-pin HD connectors. Stereo audio (balanced/unbalanced) comes in on eight, 3.5 mm captive screw connectors and is output (balanced/unbalanced) on two, 3.5 mm captive screw connectors. Both the ISS 108 and ISS 408 offer optional output boards for Digital Visual Interface (DVI). The ISS 408 takes the ISS 108 to the next level in superior scaling and seamless switching. In addition to the listed video formats, the ISS 408 accepts HDTV. The other difference between the two models is in the scaled output rates each supports. The ISS 108 can output 17 different rates up to 1024 x 768. The ISS 408 supports 32 different output rates, up to 1365 x 1024 and including 480p, 1080p, and 1080i. An RJ-45 Ethernet port on the Extron product allows easy connection to existing network architecture to create a flexible, scalable control and configuration solution. Units communicate over any Ethernet network (LAN) and use the industry-standard TCP/IP, so that any browser can be used to communicate with the device. Commands can be sent to the Extron device from various, remote locations using Extron's Simple Instruction Set (SIS™) through custom-made HTML pages created with off-the-shelf software programs. This adds a new, faster, less expensive dimension of control to AV systems. Control using a third party control system can be done via RS-232. Extron's Simple Instruction Set (SIS™) of command codes makes RS-232 control of these switchers easy and intuitive. Both switchers in this series include proprietary scaling technologies from Extron that enable superior image quality: Dynamic Motion Interpolation (DMI™) is an advanced motion detection and compensation method used to deliver the best aspects of still and motion algorithms; and 3:2 pulldown detection for NTSC/2:2 pulldown for PAL is an advanced film mode processing technique that helps maximize image detail and sharpness for NTSC and PAL sources that originated from film. For professional transitions between inputs, the ISS Series offers two different effects, a seamless cut and a dissolve. When the dissolve transition is selected for a switch that includes audio and video, the switcher will cross-fade the audio inputs, which lowers the audio of the switched-out source while bringing up the audio of the activated source. The ISS Series also features 16 auto-memories per input that recall picture information such as brightness, contrast, centering, etc.

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