Extron DTP, Architectural, and Control Systems Empower Collaboration with Sophistication at Irkutsk Oil HQ

Audio-visual systems not only make the office space technologically advanced, they also open up new opportunities for team communication, allowing for the effective structuring of training and work processes as well as increasing the speed of decision-making.

Nikita Gulevich, Director of the Department of System Administration and Technical Support, Irkutsk Oil Company


Irkutsk Oil Company LLC – INK is one of the largest private oil and gas production companies in Russia. When planning their new eight-story headquarters in the rejuvenated downtown district of Irkutsk City, they wanted it to match the area’s sophistication. The AV systems needed to be as elegant as the environment while enabling easy collaboration at all levels.

System requirements included reliable, high-performance AV switching, discreet wired and wireless connectivity, sound reinforcement, and intuitive system control. Each conference hall and executive meeting room would also support videoconferencing capabilities. The system needed to be able to provide flawless display of industry standard choropleth and geospacial maps, because any misinterpretation of this data could lead to costly mistakes. In addition, the support staff required remote system monitoring, operation, and troubleshooting. INK brought in CROC IT, Inc. to integrate Extron solutions throughout the building.


While the meeting rooms, conference halls, executive session rooms, and training spaces serve different purposes, a similar AV solution supports each. An Extron DTP CrossPoint 108 4K or DTP CrossPoint 84 4K IPCP MA 70 presentation matrix switcher provides high-performance switching of 4K video, as well as audio and control, across an economical twisted pair infrastructure. DTP® HDMI transmitters and receivers extend AV signals up to 330 feet (100 meters) between the endpoints and the matrix switcher. For local source switching, an Extron DTP T DSW 4K 333 three-input switcher with an integrated transmitter is mounted beneath the table or within the room’s credenza or lecterns. It also provides audio embedding when necessary, reducing system complexity and cost. Extron USB Extender Plus Series transmitters and receivers support KVM transmission, and a ShareLink® gateway facilitates wireless connection to the system.

For live events, an Extron SMP 111 steaming media processor provides simultaneous streaming and recording of HDMI video and audio. Recordings include metadata related to subject matter, event date, contributors, etc.

Each conference table includes sleek, black Extron Cable Cubby 700 enclosures with a selection of AAP™ AV Connectivity Modules, power modules, and various combinations of HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, and network cables. For user convenience, Extron Retractor Series XL cable retraction systems mounted vertically beneath the table enable cables to be extended up to five feet (152 cm). At the press of a button the cable retracts for tangle-free storage. This design keeps the table surface clear of loose cables.

The Extron DMP 128 Plus C V AT 12x8 ProDSP™ Processor with AEC, VoIP, and Dante® facilitates audio mixing. For accurate voice and music reproduction, an Extron NetPA 502 AT power amplifier distributes audio over the Dante network to Extron SoundField® ceiling speakers.

To control the AV system, each room provides one or more Extron TouchLink® Pro tabletop and/or wall mount touchpanels. Systems with a DTP CrossPoint 108 4K include an Extron IPCP Pro 550 control processor because of the quantity of AV devices to control. Extron Room Agent and TLS 1025M scheduling panels allow convenient room booking. An Extron OCS 100C occupancy sensor shuts down the system and display when no motion is detected. The support staff uses Extron GlobalViewer® Enterprise to monitor and control the building’s AV systems. This software also recognizes the metadata provided by the SMP 111 processor, enabling easy indexing, management, and searches of the recordings.


By having CROC IT integrate a full range of Extron products, INK successfully created a sophisticated office environment that is technologically advanced as well as being user-friendly and infinitely comfortable.