IP Intercom® Systems

Why Use an IP Intercom System?

New and emerging IT and presentation technologies enable instructors to help their students comprehend complex concepts and engage them in the learning process. A lack of sufficient tech support resources often creates obstacles to the use of advanced presentation technology.

Extron has developed some practical solutions to address this problem. Adding the IP Intercom to an AV system makes it easy to provide two-way, half-duplex voice communications between classrooms and the central office or instructional technology help desk. This allows instructors to quickly request assistance and describe the problem they are having.

IP Intercom Hardware Modules

There are two types of Extron IP Intercom hardware modules:

IPI 100 Series Modules

IPI 100 Series IP Intercom Modules require an IP Intercom-enabled MLC 226 IP MediaLink Controller for operation. The IPI 101 AAP one-button module and IPI 104 AAP four-button module fit easily into the four-space AAP - Architectural Adapter Plate opening of the MLC 226 IP AAP MediaLink Controller. The modules can also be placed into a separate AAP mounting frame, such as the AAP 102. For installation flexibility, IPI 100 Series modules can be positioned anywhere in the classroom, up to 100 feet (30 meters) away from the MediaLink Controller.

Once installed, the intercom module connects to the MLC 226 IP via an RJ-45 "Intercom" port located on the rear panel of the controller. This port provides power, control, and audio transport between the two products. The IPI 100 Series use of the existing MLC 226 IP network connection results in a substantial cost savings since there is no additional expense for installing a second network cable and the number of switch ports is reduced.

IPI 200 Series Modules

The IPI 200 Series IP Intercom Modules are stand-alone, IP-addressable modules that do not require a controller for operation. Each one has its own RJ-45 Ethernet connector and is powered independently. IPI 200 Series modules are equipped with Extron IP Link® technology, providing the same powerful AV resource management capabilities as the MLC 226 IP MediaLink controller.

In the IPI 200 Series, there are one-button and four-button modules and options for mounting in a two-gang wall box or in any Extron product that accepts a four-space AAP - Architectural Adapter Plate.

Easy Set-up and Configuration

The free IP Intercom HelpDesk software makes it easy to set up, manage, and monitor an IP Intercom system. This software lets you quickly configure system options and does not require any programming knowledge.

Paging Capability

The software also includes a convenient paging capability, allowing the help desk operator to page a single room or to a group of rooms simultaneously. A line level output is available on the back of each MediaLink Controller to mix into a local sound system in each room.

Event Call Logging

The IP Intercom System enables real-time audio monitoring by the help desk for any room where an IP Intercom Module is installed. Using the intuitive IP Intercom HelpDesk software, intercom calls and pages can be logged, and date/time-stamped on the help desk computer. Event logs can be accessed and archived for record keeping and tracking purposes.


The IP Intercom System enhances security operations by allowing audio monitoring for each room. Help desk operators or other authorized personnel can use the IP Intercom's audio monitoring capability to listen to the activity in the room, helping them determine if security personnel should be dispatched to investigate. Audio monitoring can be disabled, if necessary, to comply with local regulations and policies.

The Extron IP Intercom System is perfect for campus-wide AV systems that require internal communications, help desk support, and security/status monitoring.