AV Reinforcement and Local Streaming


The Bethlehem Community Church is updating the AV system in its main sanctuary. The church uses the AV system for audio and video reinforcement of of worship services and playback of source materials for special events.

The church wants the ability to show live audio and video of the services in the sanctuary on two rear projection screens to provide confidence video to two confidence monitors, and to make a live audio and video steam available for off-site viewing on two LCD monitors.

Room Needs Assessment


The church has several full-time staff members who attend to the church’s AV systems. Additionally, the church relies on a number of trained volunteers who assist with the operation of the AV systems on Sundays and during all other church events.

Source Inputs

The church has two high definition PTZ cameras that are used to shoot the services in the sanctuary. The cameras are controlled through dedicated camera control units. Other sources include a PC and an auxiliary VGA input on the podium.

Displays Far End

The main video system needs to accommodate two HD screens for video reinforcement, two screens to act as monitors for the band, choir, and pulpit, and two monitors in the video booth for the primary video feed and the streaming output. The video system will also provide an audio feed to the audio system to mix the video source’s audio into the main audio system.

The audio system consists of a 32-channel mixing board and digital signal processors that will not be controlled by the control system.


The church has a 100BaseT Ethernet network throughout both campuses and a dedicated network link between the two campuses.

Control System

The church would like a centralized point of control in the video booth. The control system needs to be able to control display power for all displays within the sanctuary, and requires switching control of the video sources selected. The HD video cameras and audio system will be controlled through a separate system.

Functional Requirements

The church wants the ability to show video of the music and sermons on the front side video projectors and to seamlessly switch to other video sources to show sermon notes and other video content during the service. The church also wants to create a “program feed” that to be streamed for off-site viewing.

System Design Solution

Control System Configuration

This system requires the advanced capabilities of Global Configurator Professional, including: Monitors, User Defined Serial Commands.

GUI Configurator will be used for the TouchLink Touchpanel Design.

Control System

An Extron TLP 710TV TouchLink Touchpanel will be used to control the various components of the video system through the Extron IPCP 505 IP Link control processor. The IPCP 505 will connect serially to the video projectors and flat panel displays. The Extron DVS 605, digital video scaler will be controlled via Ethernet from the IPCP 505.

Display System

Two 15-foot rear projection projectors are required to display video reinforcement of the Sunday services and to display other video content for various services and events. Two 42-inch flat panel displays are required as confidence monitors for the pastor and musicians during the services. Two 20-inch LCD monitors are required in the video booth to monitor the projector feeds and the streaming content.


Two HD PTZ cameras will provide primary video feeds. One computer feed provides additional content for sermon notes and song lyrics, as well as additional video content. The auxiliary laptop provides additional video content for special events. The camera inputs are to be scaled to the native resolution of the rear projectors.

All video sources are distributed to the output destinations using an Extron DVI DA6 Plus, distribution amplifier.


The program feed of both Sunday morning sermons needs to be made available for off-site viewing using an Extron SME 100 streaming media server.


100BaseT Local Area Network with high bandwidth Internet connection. The TLP 710TV, the IPCP 505, and the DVS 605 A all need to be on the same subnet. The SME 100 needs to be accessible from the Internet.

System Diagram

House of Worship

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