VoiceLift Pro Wireless Microphone

High performance RF wireless microphone that provides superior sound quality, increased reliability, greater range, and reduced interference over traditional systems

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Forestville Campus Communication

Forestville USD improves campus communication with Extron classroom AV technology

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Instant Alert

The Instant Alert feature of the VoiceLift Microphone gives teachers a quick and discreet way to request assistance in the event of an emergency

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Leander Supports AV with GlobalViewer® Enterprise

GlobalViewer Enterprise helps Leander ISD with troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and energy savings to keep classroom AV systems running smoothly

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Classroom AV Support for Assistive Listening

Learn how Extron Classroom AV Systems provide voice amplification benefits for all students, regardless of their hearing ability, from a single VoiceLift Microphone

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Poway Standardizes on PoleVault

Poway USD finds Extron's PoleVault a comprehensive solution to their classroom AV needs

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Using Your Extron Digital Classroom and Collaboration Systems

Overview, demonstration, and troubleshooting for PoleVault, PlenumVault, and WallVault digital classroom AV systems, VoiceLift Microphone, and Teamwork and ShareLink collaboration systems

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ShareLink 250 Demonstration

Demonstration of the ShareLink 250 Series features and capabilities in BYOD and collaboration environments

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GlobalViewer Campus Communication Suite

Network Management of Bells, PA, and Intercom Systems

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Connect, Record, and Save. One Touch Recording Made Easy

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PlenumVault Installation

Overview and step-by-step installation of the PVM 220 PlenumVault Mounting Kit

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WallVault Installation

Step-by-step installation of the USFM 100 Ultra Short-Throw Projector Mount and Equipment Enclosure, and the WMK 150 Wall Mount Kit

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