Extron Introduces the Hideaway Series of Surface Access Products—Out-of-Sight Solutions to Interface Access

  • Public relations contact:
  • Joe da Silva, Vice President of Marketing
  • Extron
  • E-mail: pr@extron.com
Anaheim, California (June 13, 2001) - Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce Hideaway Surface Access (HSA) products. These mountable, mechanically operating architectural solutions provide inconspicuous access to computer-video interfaces and AV connectors and controls. The Hideaways are designed for installation into almost any table surface. When closed, the enclosure fits nearly flush with the table surface, keeping AV and interface connectors neatly out-of-sight. Pressing down on the top of the Hideaway enclosures releases a mechanical latch and opens the enclosure, making the connectors accessible. There are four versions of the Hideaway HSA enclosure: the 400 series (HSA 400 and HSA 402) and the 800 series (HSA 800 and HSA 802). The main difference between the HSA 400/402 and the HSA 800/802 is the way the connectors are presented to the user once the enclosure is accessed. The 400 series pivots open, presenting the connectors at a 49° angle to the tabletop. The 800 series rises vertically from the installation surface, presenting the connectors at a 90° angle to the tabletop. All Hideaway products include openings for Extron's optional AAPs (Architectural Adapter Plates) to facilitate flexible signal connections. The tilt-up HSA 400 offers one grounded AC plug, one RJ-45 (CAT 6) network connector, and one RJ-11 phone/data connector on its faceplate; the HSA 402 offers mirrored access to those same connectors on both the left and right sides of its faceplate for simultaneous hook-up to two laptop PCs. Similarly, the vertical lifting HSA 800 offers a single faceplate with a grounded AC plug, one RJ-45 (CAT 6) network connector, and one RJ-11 phone/data connector; the HSA 802offers two faceplates on opposite sides of the product, each with a grounded AC plug, one RJ-45 (CAT 6) network connector, and one RJ-11 phone/data connector for simultaneous hook-up to two laptop PCs. To meet the AV connector needs of any integrated system, all models in the Hideaway Series include room for four single-space Extron Architectural Adapter Plates (AAPs). (The HSA 802 has room for eight single-space AAPs, four on each side.) These AAPs are available with hundreds of connector combinations, customizable for any application. The Hideaway Surface Access enclosures are available in a variety of surface top materials, including black anodized finish, brushed aluminum, brushed brass, polished aluminum, and polished brass. The Extron Hideaway enclosures can also be optimized using the unique Extron RGB 580xi remote interface. The RGB 580xi is a universal, computer-video interface with audio and Advanced Digital Sync Processing (ADSP™), which produces stable sync signals while enabling centering control. The electronics in the RGB 580xi can be mounted in a remote location away from the interface connectors and controls, giving users discreet access to interface inputs and adjustments. The HSA 400 part number is 60-415-01; the HSA 402 part number is 60-416-01; the HSA 800 part number is 60-417-01; and the HSA 802 part number is 60-418-01. For additional information, please call an Extron Customer Support Representative at: 800.633.9876 (Extron USA); +800.EXTRON.S³ (Extron Europe); or +65.383.4400 (Extron Asia).

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