HC 400 Series

Meeting Space Collaboration Systems

The Extron HC 400 Series are easy-to-use AV systems for collaboration spaces. They combine video switching, scaling, signal extension, and system control into transmitter and receiver pairs that seamlessly integrate with a variety of room configurations. Common functions such as display power and source switching are automated. Users can quickly share projects by simply connecting their laptop, tablet, or other source device. Monitor, support, and report on all of your collaboration spaces throughout the organization using GlobalViewer Enterprise, a powerful networked AV system management solution.

HC 400 Series Features

Out of the Box Automation

The HC 400 Series couples automatic video switching and CEC—Consumer Electronics Control capabilities together to create a simple solution for intuitive meeting room control.

The monitor is automatically powered up whenever a video source is connected, and the last connected device is always shown on screen. When all devices are disconnected, the display is powered down after a preset time.

large blank screen
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wire connecting a large screen and HCT 103
HCT 103 product shot
blank laptop
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blank laptop
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See how it works by clicking a blue icon. Click once to connect a laptop and again to disconnect.

Control Processing

All HC 400 systems feature built-in control processing, eliminating the need to connect additional equipment. Ethernet, RS-232, IR, CEC, and digital I/O ports are available on the receiver to control and interface with displays, sensors, switchers, or other equipment. No programming is required. Configuration is simple using Global Configurator, Extron's powerful software for AV control systems.

For applications that require a physical control user interface, the HC 400 Series supports the range of fully customizable Extron NBP network button panels as well as the family of TouchLink Pro touchpanels available in tabletop, wall-mount, and Extron Cable Cubby form factors. Moreover, purchasing a LinkLicense for User Interfaces upgrade will enable a mobile device or computer to serve as the primary control interface an HC 400 system.

HDMI Input at Receiver

Centralized Monitoring with GVE

GlobalViewer Enterprise software simplifies AV system resource management with intuitive control for hundreds of common AV tasks. Whether you're working with 5 or 5000 rooms, GVE provides a powerful, flexible way to manage, monitor, and control nearly any device over a standard network. It's quite common for corporations, universities, and government agencies to have hundreds of collaboration spaces spread over broad areas. GVE allows you to manage this ever-increasing AV technology while effectively leveraging valuable help desk resources. The Help Desk view in GVE provides all the information you need from the entire enterprise or campus, all in one, easy-to-navigate interface.

centralized monitoring capability
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Meeting Room
Meeting room diagram with HC404
HC 404
Meeting Room
Meeting room diagram with HC403
HC 403
Meeting Room
Meeting room diagram with HC403 EU
HC 404

HDMI Input at Receiver

The HC 400 Series receiver features a local HDMI input for convenient connection of a nearby video source. This can be a PC for soft codec video conferencing, a streaming media player, or the Extron ShareLink wireless collaboration gateway to enable easy presentation and content sharing from PCs, smartphones, or tablets.

HDMI Input at Receiver

Integrated 4:4:4 Scaling

The HC 400 Series incorporates Extron-exclusive video scaling technology that performs image scaling and video format conversion at 30‑bit precision with 4:4:4 chroma processing for enhanced color accuracy and picture detail. This level of processing retains fine image and color detail such as single pixel lines and text in computer content.

Competing scalers commonly process in the YCbCr, or component domain, employing 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 chroma subsampling. This decreases the bandwidth required to process the signal, at the expense of reduced color detail. Chroma subsampling may be acceptable when processing full-motion video content, but with PC-generated content, subsampled color can negatively impact the clarity of the image. Extron scaling technology with 4:4:4 color processing retains the fine color details present in the original source.

4:4:4 Chroma Sampling 4:2:2 chroma subsampling
4:2:2 chroma subsampling 4:4:4 chroma sampling

Internal processing at full 4:4:4 color sampling preserves color detail for image-critical applications

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