Extron NAV & XTP Systems Help Gazprom Neft Scientists Increase Production and Improve Efficiency

Extron NAV and XTP systems were chosen based on their functionality, flexibility, and reliability, as well as the availability of a full offering for the specified capabilities.

Mikhail Anoshin
Specialist for Fuel and Energy Companies
Jet Infosystems


Gazprom Neft is recognized as a forward-looking leader in the petroleum production industry. Their new Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center – GSTC in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, was chartered to increase production and improve efficiency across the company’s 24 regional facilities. To accomplish this, the GSTC required advanced AV products and technologies to enhance collaboration among their 1,100 scientists, researchers, and staff for mutual discovery, decision making, and dissemination of information to the field.

The multimedia solutions would meet a carefully defined set of capabilities and be interchangeable from location to location, optimizing efficiency. The installation had to support a wide variety of functional work and meeting areas in the 14,410-square foot facility connected by a transit zone. Signals from an array of computers and AV sources would be delivered to projection and videowall display systems, as well as separate interactive touch displays. Gazprom Neft brought in Jet Infosystems to design and integrate the extensive application. They deployed a fully configured matrix switching solution based on Extron NAV® Pro AV over IP and XTP Systems®.


GSTC provides standard office areas and flexible, open meeting spaces for project teams ranging in size from 10 to 100 employees. The facility also includes a configurable training and lecture hall that seats 150. It also serves as a forum for presentation to large audiences. The installation consists of two subsystems based on Extron XTP® and NAV.

XTP II Empowers Collaboration for Each & Every Team

A fully populated XTP II CrossPoint 6400 64x64 matrix switcher supports switching and transmission for local and remote sources and displays. The systems are dovetailed to provide HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB signal switching and distribution throughout the GSTC. The matrix switcher also feeds an Extron Quantum Ultra 610 videowall processor. It is configured with IN4HDMI input cards and OUT4DTP output cards to support the various videowalls.

Four XTP II CP 4o HD AT 4K PLUS output cards enable distribution of HDMI and audio signals via Dante®. Stereo audio is available from the 4K/60 HDMI I/O cards. The XTP CP 4K twisted pair input and output cards support extension of AV signals and remotely power the endpoints, streamlining the installation. The system components are rack mounted within the control room at the core of the complex.

XTP® transmitters, receivers, and scaling receivers extend signals up to 330 feet (100 meters) between the XTP II CrossPoint® matrix switcher and other AV equipment. The models include wallplate and floor box form factors. Wallplates are installed within ceilings and furniture, as well as with projectors and behind the displays. Floor box transmitters enable system connectivity for AV sources at the portable lecterns within the training space.

Nine IP Link® Pro Series control processors work in conjunction with 7" to 17" TouchLink® Pro touchpanels to facilitate intuitive system operation in each location. Eight of the IP Link control processors are upgraded with LinkLicense® for User Interface. This Extron technology enables the control interface to be run using WiFi-connected iOS® or Android™ devices. Extron’s Control App was downloaded to iPads®, allowing mobile system operation from within the room.

NAV for Ultimate Sharing and Control Across GSTC

Tied into the XTP system, the Extron NAV Pro AVoIP system allows employees to share content using the myriad of floor boxes to connect laptops and interactive monitors on mobile stands at virtually any point within the collaboration spaces. It also facilitates operations from all areas of the building. NAV enables the GSTC operators to quickly add or reassign signal sources and displays in locations remote from the control room. For example, an operator can use their tablet or another authorized mobile device to assign and organize an additional work station within a larger workspace. The NAVigator system manager simplifies monitoring and operation of all NAV endpoints across the network.

The NAV E 101 encoder streams ultra-low latency, visually lossless video and audio over GSTC’s network at extremely low bit rates. The NAV SD 101 decoder scales the video to the display’s native resolution, up to 4K/60 with 4:4:4 color sampling. Images are visually lossless. Integrated with Extron USB Extender Plus transmitters and receivers, NAV enables control of the computers associated with the touch displays. This design made it possible to implement interactivity with presentations sent to the videoconferencing system. In addition, it supports content download from a USB media device connected directly to a display. The NAV system also facilitates overflow capabilities for forum meetings.

At the entrance to each room is an Extron TLS 725M TouchLink Scheduling Panel. An employee is able to check room availability and book a reservation directly from the panel. Also, availability and on-demand reservations can be set using a company computer with calendaring services or an authorized tablet connected to the network. The color of each touchpanel was selected to suit room décor.

The flexibility to integrate the NAV and XTP systems together knits the campus sources and displays into a single switching system, with all information flows terminating within the central control room. The support team easily controls the installation with Extron's GlobalViewer® Enterprise. They use this software to monitor system health, troubleshooting, and to perform scheduled system maintenance.


Because of the skilled workers at Jet and the features and capabilities engineered into the Extron products, the GSTC installation was up and running in 12 months. Gazprom Neft received all of the expected AV functionality and more. The flexibility and reliability of the NAV and XTP systems at the GSTC enhance collaboration and increase efficiency across all 24 regional facilities. The installation helps management quickly and easily shape the programs and activities to address changing industry targets and external constraints.

The company is so pleased with the GSTC installation that they have selected Extron products for another corporate facility. The installation at the Gazprom Neft-Noyabrskneftgaz Production Control Center in Noyabrsk City was recently commissioned.