Broadcast Quality 3G-SDI Signal Distribution

The FOX I/O HD-SDI and FOX 3G I/O SM P are matrix switching boards designed to deliver broadcast quality 3G‑SDI signal transmission over fiber optic and coaxial cabling. Available for the modular, field-upgradeable FOX Matrix Series, these boards enable 3G‑SDI, HD‑SDI, and SDI matrix switchers in sizes from 8x8 up to 1000x1000 and larger for enterprise-wide distribution of broadcast quality signals.

The FOX I/O HD-SDI board, available in 8x8 and 16x16 configurations, enables direct connection of local 3G‑SDI-equipped devices for the FOX Matrix Series fiber optic matrix switchers, providing large-scale distribution of broadcast-quality, 3G‑SDI signals over coaxial cable. FOX I/O HD‑SDI boards are compatible with all FOX Matrix Series models for systems from 8x8 up to 1000x1000 and larger.

The FOX 3G I/O SM P board, also available in 8x8 and 16x16 configurations, provides long distance distribution of broadcast-quality, 3G‑SDI signals, including immunity to pathological signals, over singlemode fiber optic cabling. FOX 3G I/O SM P boards are available for the FOX Matrix 3200, FOX Matrix 7200, and the FOX Matrix 14000 models.

The FOX Matrix Series fiber optic matrix switchers are available in standard sizes from 8x8 to 320x320 and custom sizes up to 1000x1000 and larger through the Extron Matrix 1K Switcher Program. As part of the wide range of matrix boards designed for the FOX Matrix, the FOX I/O HD‑SDI and FOX 3G I/O SM P ensure the reliable transmission and routing of Broadcast quality, 3G‑SDI signals for any mission-critical environment.

Key Features

  • 3G‑SDI input and output boards for the modular FOX Matrix Series fiber optic matrix switchers
  • Hot-swappable for system expansion or board replacement without the need to power down the matrix switcher
  • Supports 3G‑SDI at rates up to 2.97 Gbps for compliance with SMPTE and ITU digital video standards
  • FOX I/O HD‑SDI boards provide input equalization to compensate for long cable lengths and output reclocking to reshape and restore signals on the buffered outputs
  • FOX 3G I/O SM P boards provide immunity to SDI, HD‑SDI, and 3G‑SDI pathological signal patterns, including test patterns defined by SMPTE RP 178 and SMPTE RP 198 for 3G‑SDI, HD‑SDI, and SDI signals
  • Passes all data allowed within published SMPTE and ITU digital video standards, including embedded audio, ancillary ID and metadata information, and SDTI (SMPTE 305M) and HD‑SDTI (SMPTE 348M) digital video signals
  • Real-time status LED indicators for monitoring and troubleshooting on each I/O port indicates signal presence, providing immediate system activity feedback
FOX Matrix Series switching boards Diagram

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