Extron FOX DA8 Plus

Eight-Output Fiber Optic Distribution Amplifier: Configurable for Maximum Flexibility

The Extron FOX DA8 Plus is a configurable eight-output distribution amplifier for long haul transmission of AV and control signals over fiber optic cabling. For maximum flexibility, it is configurable as a single 8-output distribution amplifier or as two 4-output or four 2-output distribution amplifiers. It features high-speed, all digital signal transmission of pixel-perfect DVI, RGB, HD component video, S-video, composite video, 3G-SDI, audio, and control signals. To maintain signal integrity, the distribution amplifier provides output reclocking and active signal splitting, transmitting output signals at the original power levels. In addition, the FOX DA8 Plus includes integrator-friendly features such as the ability to mute one or more outputs, rack-mount capability, and compatibility with Extron FOX Series products. These many features, including the capability of configuring the unit as multiple independent distribution amplifiers, make the FOX DA8 Plus ideal for applications that require long haul distribution of fiber optic AV and control signals from up to four locations.

Key Features

  • Configurable as a single 8-output distribution amplifier, or as two 4-output or four 2-output distribution amplifiers
  • Distributes and extends AV and control signals long distances over fiber optic cabling
  • Compatible with Extron FOX Series extenders, switchers, and matrix switchers for enterprise-wide applications
  • Eight active and individually isolated outputs to maintain equal transmitter power to all outputs, maximizing distance capabilities by ensuring full availability of optical loss budget for each output
  • Selectable output reclocking reshapes and restores timing of the digital signal on the buffered output at the selected rate
  • Output muting control provides the capability to mute one or more outputs via RS-232 serial control
  • Front panel USB port for ease of setup and configuration
  • Real-time status LED indicators that verify the presence of active input and output fiber links, used for troubleshooting and monitoring
FOX DA8 Plus Diagram
FOX DA8 Plus Diagram

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