FOX Matrix 3200

Fiber Optic Matrix Switching from Extron

Matrix 1K Switcher Program

The Extron FOX Matrix 3200 is a high performance, modular fiber optic matrix switcher for systems requiring complete, end-to-end digital AV signal transmission and routing over fiber optic cable. It is a modular, card cage design, expandable from 8x8 to 32x32, and is fully compatible with the FOX and FOX II 4K Series fiber optic transmitters and receivers. This fiber optic matrix switcher supports resolutions up to 4K, and features high-speed digital switching of DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, 3G-SDI, RGB, HD component, and standard definition video. With hot-swappable input/output boards and redundant power supplies as well as real-time system monitoring, the FOX Matrix 3200 is ideal for mission-critical environments requiring 24/7 reliability and continuous operation.

Key Features

  • I/O sizes from 8x8 to 32x32
  • Compatible with all FOX Series transmitters and receivers
  • Compatible with FOX II 4K Series transmitters and receivers for end-to-end 4K video distribution systems
  • SpeedSwitch® Technology provides exceptional switching speed for HDCP-encrypted  content
  • Modular, field-upgradeable and hot-swappable design
  • Dual redundant and hot swappable power supplies
  • Low power consumption for efficient cooling, lower costs, and longer life

Design Flexibility

  • Multimode and singlemode I/O boards available
  • Tie signals from multimode inputs to singlemode outputs and vice versa
  • 3G-SDI I/O board available
  • Larger, scalable matrix solutions are available. Please contact your Extron S3 Customer Support Representative for details.
FOX Matrix 3200 Diagram

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