Fiber Optic Cables, Termination Tools and Testers

Extron Fiber Optic Cables, Termination Tools, and Testers

Cables and Accessories for Pro AV Integration

Extron provides a complete line of cables, connectors, termination tools, and test equipment for installing and testing an AV fiber optic infrastructure and are part of our larger, comprehensive line of fiber optic products that provide long haul transmission of video, audio, and control signals for an AV installation. Bend-insensitive fiber optic cabling allows a tight bend radius to ensure simpler installation with uncompromised performance. It is available as laser-optimized OM4 multimode or as low-loss singlemode fiber for extreme distances. For bulk cable, the Fiber Optic Termination Kit and Quick LC fiber optic connectors enable fast and reliable termination in the field. The Test Set measures optical power and loss throughout the fiber optic infrastructure, ensuring system-wide reliability. Extron fiber optic cables and accessories complement our extensive line of fiber optic extenders, matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, switchers, and signal processors.

Key Features

  • Bend-insensitive multimode and singlemode fiber allows a tight bend radius to minimize light loss and simplify installation
  • Laser-optimized OM4 multimode fiber provides superior performance for pixel-perfect video, audio, and control
  • Fiber Optic Termination Kit and Quick LC Connectors enable quick, reliable cable termination
  • Fiber Optic Test Set includes all the tools needed to measure optical power and loss in multimode and singlemode fiber optic AV systems
  • Fiber optic cable assemblies are factory terminated with LC connectors and are available in lengths up to 60 meters (200 feet)
  • Fiber optic bulk cable available in 2 km spools

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