Flash GUI Design Themes

Flash GUI Resource DVD screen with menu, enter, and title buttons.
Flash GUI Resource Kit

Flash Resource Kit


  • Borders
  • Buttons
  • AV Icons
  • Network TV Icons
  • Background, Headers and Footers
  • Great for starting designs from scratch
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Flash GUI template tuner screen with keypads, channel, and audio control buttons.
Flash GUI Template

Flash Template

New file format for easier GUI Configurator installation


  • Includes all Resource Kit elements
  • GUI Configurator projects for the following:
    • Single display room
    • Dual display room
    • Multi-image system
    • Divisible room
    • Video Conference Suite
  • Supports TLP 700TV and TLP 700MV 7" TouchLink Touchpanels
  • Supports TLP 350MV and TLP 350CV 3.5" TouchLink Touchpanels
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