Fiber Optic Technical Articles

Fiber Optic Cables in AV Systems NEW

Fiber optic cables are available with a wide variety of constructions to match the unique requirements of virtually any AV installation. These cables may contain just one fiber or hundreds of fibers and may be designed for indoor or outdoor applications. This paper examines ... Read more

Multiplexing AV Signals in Fiber Optic Systems NEW

A fiber optic AV system converts video, audio, and control signals into one or more serial digital streams of light pulses for transmission along optical fiber. Common multiplexing techniques include time division multiplexing – TDM and wavelength division ... Read more

Fiber Optic Transmission in AV Comes of Age

By Steve Somers, Vice President of Engineering
Folks, the good ol' days are here right now. More technical solutions are available for audiovisual systems designers in both analog and digital equipment than ever before. One of the most exciting new toys for signal distribution is RGBHV digital fiber optic transmission... Read more

A Fiber Optic Connector Primer

By Steve Somers, Vice President of Engineering
Optical fiber transmission of AV signals has come of age and it's time to take another step along this new, adventurous road. A fiber solution may sound like a great idea for those challenging long-haul or highly secure applications, and then reality sets in... Read more

Fiber Optic Frequently Asked Questions

The Extron sales department receives many questions each day concerning general fiber optic technology along with specific questions about Extron fiber optic products. We have identified a number of frequently asked questions that we feel may be of interest to you. The following is a sampling of such FAQs. Read more