Extron Quantum Ultra Mobile App for Simple, Intuitive Control of Videowalls is Now Available

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  • Joe da Silva, Director of Product Marketing
  • Extron
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Express Mobile Software
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Anaheim, California (July 10, 2020) - Extron is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Express Mobile Software - Quantum Ultra, an application that gives intuitive user control of a Quantum Ultra or Quantum Ultra Connect videowall system from devices running on iOS or Android platforms. It combines the freedom of wireless control with an easy to use application. The software is operated with familiar finger gestures, such as drag and drop, swipe, and tap. A few of its many capabilities include preset selection, window size and layer, source selection, and other common operational tasks. It allows up to 10 users to control one or more videowalls. The software can operate standalone or work in tandem with Extron's Videowall Configuration Software – VCS and a control system. These powerful features combined with the user-friendly interface make EMS-Quantum Ultra an ideal solution for corporate conference rooms, command and control centers, network operations hubs, and other videowall installations that would benefit from intuitive, single- or multi-point user control.

“Videowalls are the de facto standard for information sharing in an increasing variety of environments, and more people need a straightforward way to control all or part of what is displayed,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Extron. “EMS-Quantum Ultra offers professional videowall control functionality to users, providing access to a wide selection of features that enhance system operation as well as content processing and presentation.”

EMS-Quantum Ultra can be used in a variety of control scenarios. It can act as a single, exclusive point of control for one or more videowalls. As a multi-point control solution, up to 10 mobile devices can operate the videowalls. It can also be a supplemental point of control used in conjunction with Extron's VCS and a control system. Initial Quantum Ultra or Quantum Ultra Connect setup is performed using VCS.

For more information on EMS-Quantum Ultra, click here.

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