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Use a TLI Pro 101 with a 70" touchscreen


Interactive museum exhibits with enhanced audio-visual effects help engage visitors and build lasting impressions for all ages. The system shown here features a 70" LCD touchscreen connected via USB with our TLI Pro 101 TouchLink Interface. The User Interface is created using GUI Designer Software and the control configuration is created using Global Configurator Plus. Video content is provided using a media player feeding the HDMI input on the TLI Pro 101. When the pressure sensitive mat is stepped on, the control processor will recognize the change and begin the exhibit introduction. Upon completion of the introduction, the user will be able to access different content by simply tapping the screen. When the user steps off of the pressure sensitive mat the content is reset to its initial state.


  • 70" or Larger 1080p LCD touchscreen display
  • Extron TLI Pro 101 TouchLink Interface (centralized in the rack)
  • Extron XPA 1002 Plus Power Amplifiers (centralized in the rack)
  • IPCP Pro 250 Control Processor (centralized in the rack)
  • HAE 100 HDMI Audio De-Embedder (centralized in the rack)
  • Media player with HDMI output (centralized in the rack)
  • Extron SI 28W Two-Way In-Wall Speakers
  • 19" equipment rack enclosure or half rack shelf system depending on your choice of media player

System Design Solution

Operational Requirements

After reviewing the customer’s requirements, determine how you would like the interactive content to be presented to the user. Does the customer want the presentation to begin as soon as somebody steps on the mat or after a certain time interval to prevent the system from false triggering by somebody walking past the exhibit? Would the customer like a method to restart the presentation from the beginning? Would the customer like instructions to be shown on the display at all times?

  1. Design User Interface using GUI Designer
    Tip: Extron provides high resolution graphical resources that can be used for developing your UI.
  2. Configure the system using Global Configurator Plus

Key Configuration Concepts

  1. Monitors within GC Plus are used for sensing activity on the pressure sensitive mat.
    1. When a museum’s patron steps on the pressure sensitive mat, the control system initiates the interactive content on the touchscreen.

    2. Museum Exhibit Design
      Monitor for when a museum patron steps on the pressure-sensitive mat

      The pressure sensitive mat is connected to a digital input on the IPCP Pro 250 Control Processor. When the Monitor detects that the digital input is an “active high” it will trigger the presentation to begin. The display will start showing an introduction video; and upon completion, the user will be shown directions on how to navigate the exhibit.

    3. When a museum’s patron steps off the pressure sensitive mat the control system resets the presentation to the beginning.

    4. Museum Exhibit Design
      Monitor for when a museum patron steps off the pressure-sensitive mat

      When the Monitor detects that the Digital Input is an active low it will trigger the presentation to reset. The display will start showing a static screen, instructing the museum patron to step on the mat to begin the presentation.

Software Tip: While either GC Pro or GC Plus could be used in this application, the fact that the design contains only one primary control interface, makes this application well-suited for GC Plus.

Museum Exhibit Design Diagram
Museum Exhibit Design Diagram
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