Extron Qualified Independent Programmer

EQIP Program

Extron has established an innovative program offering a robust suite of programming and configuration assets to customers using Extron's advanced control solutions. Known as Extron Qualified Independent Programming (EQIP) companies, these entities have successfully passed rigorous vetting and selection processes by Extron, proving their proficiency in both the theory and application of cutting-edge Extron programming and system configuration methodologies. Extron customers may employ EQIP companies to augment their staff, execute projects, and provide options to program and configure more advanced AV systems. EQIP companies have access to a variety of Extron resources including web-based tools, continuing education, and control system training.

Benefits of EQIP for Extron Customers

  • Extron project referrals ensure programs and configurations are provided by a trusted, local company
  • EQIP companies employ individuals who are ECP-certified to work with Extron Control Systems. These Extron certifications may also include EAP, ProDSP, NAVS, and AV Associates
  • EQIP companies are not Extron resellers, but they do provide services to Extron resellers and customers
  • EQIP companies meet strict business standards and have reputations as experienced, dependable service providers
  • Programming and configuration services are available on a project-by-project basis, so customers can use EQIP companies and certified personnel without adding permanent staff
  • Complete more projects by leveraging EQIP companies nationwide

For more information, please contact your Extron support representative.

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