Enterprise Technologies Program

Enterprise-level organizations are increasingly seeking Pro AV solutions that help their workforce to connect, collaborate, and solve problems. In order to effectively scope and design enterprise-level AV systems, you need a solid understanding of the core technologies that comprise them. In our immersive Enterprise Technologies program, you’ll learn how to ensure an optimal user experience when implementing AV systems in diverse environments. The Extron Enterprise Technologies program provides instructor-led training and demonstrations of real-world scenarios to reinforce learning and prepare you for success.


This program is ideal for AV professional wishing to build upon their existing knowledge and skills on enterprise AV solutions.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Extron AV Associate certification
  • General AV industry experience

Program Topics

Professional, easy-to-use systems with touchless control
Focus Room

Identifies the need for well-designed and properly-equipped collaboration spaces. Learn about:

  • Using minimalistic technology approaches to accommodate both local and remote meeting participants
  • Digital video considerations: data rate, color bit depth, chroma sampling, and more
  • Signal distribution, including digital video, enhanced audio, and automated control

Enhancing meetings and video collaboration with USB
Meeting Space

Defines the Extron collaboration technologies that support modern high-performance meeting rooms that are easy to use and manage. Gain an understanding of:

  • Why the use of a signal processor will enhance the functionality of your meeting space
  • Integrating USB video technology for AV sources and unified communication
  • Sound reinforcement with Extron digital signal processing – DSP, XPA amplifiers, and loudspeakers

Integrating DTP and XTP for signal distribution
Divisible Training Space and Overflow Classroom

Clarifies the strategy for creating a consistent user experience, which is crucial to the success of a divisible room environment. Discover how:

  • Signal extension through twisted pair cable management can positively impact signal quality
  • Standardizing on XTP and/or DTP systems will enhance functionality
  • To optimize thermal management to reduce costs

Transforming spaces for conferencing, learning, and esports
Alternative Solutions for Focus Room, Classroom, and Training Spaces

Organizations are continually rethinking how to leverage their physical space and technology infrastructure to meet their evolving requirements. In this session, we discuss the approach to transforming previously designed systems from:

  • A focus room into a collaboration space with unified communication partners
  • A classroom into a state-of-the-art learning space that supports simultaneous streaming and recording
  • A training space into a dedicated esports space for practice and competition

Distributing audio and video over the network
AV over IP Event Center

Details the requirements and settings needed to deploy a flexible no-compromise Pro AV over IP solution that features integration-friendly IP-based video and audio system switching. Learn about:

  • IP-based video and audio switching over a 1G and 10G Ethernet network
  • AES67 and Dante technology to distribute uncompressed digital audio signal over local and wide area networking
  • Extending full system control with Extron virtual control systems and secure platform devices

High-quality imagery for public and mission-critical videowalls
Lobby and Operations Center

Outlines the functionality and benefit considerations for displaying one or more sources across a tiled array of displays. Discover how:

  • Displayed information can be dynamically customized through Extron technologies
  • To select the proper display type, size, and configuration, as well as processors to meet system requirements
  • Videowall processors have several distinct attributes and advantages that cannot be duplicated by alternative means

Secure and intelligent enterprise
Wayfinding, System Management, and Security

Insights on Extron's expertise and strategic approach to security and AV system device management to meet customer expectations. Gain an understanding of:

  • Security protocols and best practices for deploying secure networked Pro AV systems
  • Extron's powerful and flexible way to manage, monitor, and control nearly any device over a standard network from 5 to 5,000 rooms
  • An enterprise-wide interactive wayfinding solution for real-time room status, booking, and location information