Extron Offers Custom Engraving for Selected Products

Custom engraving on a control module, indicating left and right input.

Extron is pleased to offer custom engraving services for AAPs, MAAPs, Blank Control Modules and Contact Closure Remotes. You can use the engraving to clearly indicate signal type, input numbers, or any other labeling required to make signal connections clear and easy.

Engraving Specifications

  • Standard Letter Size – Single Line Text MAAPs, AAPs, CCRs, and CM-5BB: 0.08" / 2 mm Tall
  • Standard Letter Size – Double Line Text MAAPs, AAPs, CCRs, and CM-5BB: 0.07" / 1.8 mm Tall
  • Standard Font: Gothic, a sans serif-style font. Engraving is all capital letters.
  • Engraving Color: White: Black Engraving; Black: White Engraving
  • Engraving Process: Letters / Numbers / Symbols are laser engraved, then filled with color.

Order Information

To order engraving for any of the AAPs, MAAPs, Blank Control Modules or Contact Closure Remotes, please refer to the instructions below and on the Engraving Order Forms. You can copy the Engraving Order Forms from the catalog or download PDF versions of these forms from the Extron Web site at

Instructions For Custom Engraving Orders

1. Check the Module Size

Determine the size of the connector module that is to be engraved. If you are ordering engraving for single-space MAAPs, use the Single MAAP Engraving Order Form. For double-space MAAPs, use the Double MAAP Engraving Order Form. For all AAPs, use the AAP Engraving Order Form. There are separate engraving order forms for the CCR 204 and CM-5BB.

2. Specify Connector Module & Quantity

Completely fill in the information at the top of the Engraving Order Form. Be sure to include the purchase order number, the part number of the connector module to be engraved as well as the number of modules to receive identical engraving.

3. Fill in the Boxes

The Engraving Order Forms have a template with "X" marks showing where engraving can be located on the module. Fill in the boxes indicating the text and location for the engraving. Each box will allow one of the following: a letter, a number, or a blank space. Any box that is left blank will not be engraved.

Unless otherwise specified, Extron will left justify all engraving that is selected for the left side of the plate, and right justify engraving that is selected for the right side of the plate. The left and right justification creates a uniform look for the AV modular plates once they are installed onto the mounting frame or faceplate.

Corner Engraving

Selected plates have boxes that should be used to indicate the letters, words, or numbers that are to be engraved. See form for reference and more info.

Center Engraving

Center engraving is only available for XLR, RJ-45, RJ-11 double-space MAAPs, and all AAPs except single-space AAPs with three connectors.

The Top Center Header and Bottom Center Footer sections of the Double MAAP and AAP Forms each contain eight boxes that may be used to indicate the letters, words, or numbers that are to be engraved.

4. Get Engraving Prices

For assistance with engraving prices, call your Extron sales representative at:
Extron USA: 714.491.1500 or 800.633.9876
Extron Europe: +31.33.453.4040 or +800.3987.6673
Extron Asia: +65.6383.4400 or +800.7339.8766
Extron Japan: +81.3.3511.7655

5. Submit Your Engraving Order and Purchase Order

Submit one Engraving Order Form for every unique plate design and every module model ordered. If identical engraving is required on several modules, then submit only one order form for each model number ordered. Be sure to include a purchase order that specifically authorizes purchase of the Extron products as well as the engraving service charges.

Fax Submission

Fax the completed engraving order form(s) and your purchase order to Extron at:
Extron USA: 714.491.1517
Extron Europe: +31.33.453.4050
Extron Asia: +65.6383.4664
Extron Japan: +81.3.3511.7656