Extron Authorized Programmer Certification Program

Unleash the Power of ControlScript and Python Programming for Extron Pro Series Control Systems

The Extron Authorized Programmer certification program is designed for individuals who will use Microsoft Visual Studio Code and the ControlScript Deployment Utility to develop programmed control systems for Extron Pro Series control processors. Visual Studio Code is a popular, feature-rich, open-source code editor for developing Python programs. Our ControlScript Extension for VS Code and the ControlScript Deployment Utility seamlessly integrate ControlScript development into the VS Code environment for a powerful solution to your control system programming needs. Students can expect a challenging series of education components focused on best practices for designing control system programs, methodologies for implementing and developing reusable program modules, and troubleshooting.

The Extron Authorized Programmer - EAP certification enables access to all features of Extron’s ControlScript utilities, and the ControlScript® Python library for programming Extron Pro Series control systems. Students who successfully complete the EAP program will be prepared to deploy and manage programmed Extron Pro Series control systems that provide the power and flexibility required to handle the evolving complexities of today’s more sophisticated AV system designs.

Extron Certification

In the highly competitive AV industry, education, training, and certification are important to the success of both individuals and companies. Like a professional license, certification instills confidence through reliable evidence of a critical set of knowledge and skills. Acquired fluency and expertise in any field saves valuable time and money, and ensures a higher level of customer service and satisfaction.

Extron certification programs are for AV professionals who wish to advance their knowledge of AV system technology, design, configuration, and control system programming. Each certification track consists of online and instructor-led training components and allows system integrators, installers, consultants, and programmers an opportunity to learn new skills, validate their skills, and gain a better understanding of the latest technologies and solutions.


This program is ideal for EQIP™ - Extron Qualified Independent Programmers, as well as control system programmers who have prior programming knowledge and understand the complexities of more sophisticated systems. A background of 2-5 years of AV control system design, programming, and installation experience is recommended.


Since there are many avenues to learn Python, Extron recommends completion of at least an introductory Python 3.x programming tutorial to prepare you for this course. A working knowledge of AV control system design and Extron Pro Series control system products is strongly recommended.

Delivery Method

The EAP School is an instructor-led course. To achieve certification, students who complete the course must also pass an Extron-proctored exam.

Course Content

The EAP certification program is a four-day course (offered in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese) that consists of the following general categories:

  • Utilize the Extron ControlScript Library to understand and implement objects and tools added to Python
  • Apply best practices and troubleshooting techniques to ensure optimum system performance
  • Develop and implement reusable modules for control system programs

How Can I Get Started?

Contact your Extron Support Representative.

Continuing Education Units

The Extron Authorized Programmer certification program contributes to Continuing Education Units - CEUs for a variety of established industry organizations, including AVIXA and BICSI.

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