Superior Digital Video Scaling Combined with Seamless Switching: Extron's DVS 406

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Anaheim, California (June 13, 2001) - Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce the DVS 406 Digital Video Scaler with integrated seamless switching. The DVS 406 scaler incorporates the latest in proprietary scaling technology from Extron Electronics with the input flexibility that's essential for today's top-notch audio/visual applications—including an optional Serial Digital Interface (SDI) input. With its 33 selectable output rates, including a variety of HDTV rates, the DVS 406 is the perfect scaling solution for AV environments such as boardrooms, conference rooms, and home theaters, as well as rental and staging applications. There are four models in the DVS 406 line—DVS 406, DVS 406 A, DVS 406 D, and DVS 406 AD. Each model supports the following video formats on five inputs: one RGB pass-through or HDTV color space on BNCs, one RGB pass-through or component video input on BNCs, and three composite or S-video inputs on BNCs. The "D" (digital) versions and "AD" (audio and digital) versions—DVS 406 D and DVS 406 AD—also support SDI signals on a sixth BNC input. In addition, the "A" (audio) versions—DVS 406 A, DVS 406 AD—accept stereo audio signals (balanced/unbalanced) for each video input on 3.5 mm captive screw connectors. Audio is output (balanced/unbalanced) on one 3.5 mm captive screw connector. For all models, video is output simultaneously on one female 15-pin HD connector and five BNCs. Seamless switching between the first RGB input and any of the video inputs is accomplished by locking the scaled output rate to the horizontal and vertical frequencies of input one. The seamless switch can be done using a cut or a variable dissolve. To enable superior scaling performance, the DVS 406 features several of Extron's latest proprietary technologies: Dynamic Motion Interpolation (DMI™), 3:2 and 2:2 pulldown detection (patent-pending), and Accu-RATE Frame Lock (AFL™, patent-pending). The DVS 406 digital video scaler is housed in a rack mountable, 1U high metal enclosure. Control of this scaler is provided via front panel and RS-232 control. The DVS 406 scaler also can be controlled remotely through an optional IR 901 remote. The DVS 406 part number is 60-363-01. For additional model numbers, list prices, and other information, please call an Extron Customer Support Representative at: 800.633.9876 (Extron USA); +800.3987.6673 (Extron Europe); +65.383.4400 (Extron Asia).

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