DTP Systems

The Most Complete System Integration Platform for AV Signal Distribution, Processing, and Control

The Extron DTP® Systems product family is the AV industry’s most comprehensive integration platform for small to mid-sized AV systems supporting video resolutions up to 4K. This family includes numerous extender models in a wide variety of form factors and video formats, plus a broad offering of distribution amplifiers, switchers, and matrix switchers with essential AV signal processing and control features. DTP Systems allow complete flexibility in designing systems precisely to your application and budget requirements.

Available in a variety of form factors for professional integration

Professional Integration



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Powerful Integration Capabilities

The comprehensive product lineup delivers all the powerful integration capabilities required to create a flexible and reliable AV switching and distribution system. They include scaling, signal processing, switching, matrix switching, audio amplification, audio DSP, and AV system control products.


DTP products are available to support all the digital and analog video formats commonly found in profession AV, including HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, SDI, VGA, YUV, and composite, at resolutions up to 4K.


Many DTP products have extensive audio capability - from simple analog audio transport, embedding, de-embedding, to full matrix switching with Extron ProDSP and highly efficient XTRA power amplifier technology.


DTP Systems has a comprehensive range of video switching solutions, from 2x1 to 10x8 matrix configurations. Exclusive Extron EDID Minder and Key Minder technologies ensure optimal switching speed every time.


Every DTP product features built-in signal conversion so any DTP transmitter is compatible with any DTP receiver regardless of video format. Select DTP products feature Vector 4K scaling technology to provide unsurpassed 4K image quality.


DTP products are built to transport RS-232 and IR signals along with video over a single CATx cable. DTP CrossPoint and IN1608 xi products feature built-in IPCP Pro control processors for a complete all-in-one solution.


Extron DTP products extend audio, video, and control signals, along with DC power over a single shielded CATx cable to span distances not achievable with native video cabling such as HDMI. DTP products enable overall transmission distances up to 230 feet (70 meters) or 330 feet (100 meters).

Flexible 4K System Designs

DTP Systems provide a complete system integration solution that supports 4K, accommodates digital and analog video formats, and provides all the components that are essential to any AV system. These systems transmit AV and bidirectional control up to 230 feet (70 meters) or 330 feet (100 meters), plus provide remote power over a shielded CATx cable to streamline system design and installation. Select DTP System models can also deliver an HDBaseT-compatible output signal that works with any HDBaseT-enabled display.

Reliability, Performance, and Ease of Operation

DTP Systems include many features that maximize reliability, performance, and ease of operation, such as the Extron-exclusive EDID Minder®, Key Minder®, and ProDSP™ technologies. IPCP Pro control processors are built into select switcher models to provide complete AV system control, and a highly reliable DTP cable infrastructure.

Shielded Twisted Pair Cable for XTP Systems and DTP Systems
Shielded Twisted Pair Cable for XTP Systems and DTP Systems
XTP DTP 24 Cable and Connectors

Integration with XTP Systems for Facility-Wide Applications

For large-scale AV system applications, DTP CrossPoint® matrix switchers installed in rooms can be easily integrated into a central XTP® CrossPoint matrix switcher to provide complete, end-to-end signal distribution throughout a facility.

DTP CP 108 4K

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