Extron DSP Templates

What is a DSP Template?

An Extron DSP Template is a DSP configuration file that comes preconfigured with AEC, automixing, routing, and control, all for the selected system hardware. Used alone or in combination with DSP Configurator's included Building Blocks, Extron DSP Templates are provided as starting points to facilitate and simplify system configuration.

On What Products Can I Use DSP Templates?

You will find Extron DSP templates for use with all ProDSP products including the digital matrix processors - DMP, audio expansion processors - AXP, and DTP CrossPoint Matrix switchers.

Our Philosophy in DSP Template Design

Our DSP templates are designed for ease of use and education. Technicians and Junior Engineers alike can use them to get a system up and running with minimal effort, saving time and labor costs and learning while they do so. Senior Engineers can relax knowing their technical staff are implementing systems in a methodical and consistent manner.

Our DSP template topology is designed to minimize complexity in working with control systems. By keeping most or all controls within one device, coordination with the control system programmer is simplified.

Our DSP templates can be used as a starting point for complex systems, but are easily customized to suit your needs. Create your own template files to better match your company standards. Well-designed templates are key to eliminating confusion from system to system and between teams. They convey clear information and provide greater understanding as a project passes from designer, to sales, to engineering, to site technicians, to service technicians. This saves time, effort and ultimately, cost.

The DSP Template list will be updated periodically to include new products and updated templates.

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