Extron DSP Building Blocks

What is a Building Block?

Building Blocks are Extron DSP processing profiles that are included in DSP Configurator Software, for inputs, outputs, and virtual returns. Each building block provides a variety of pre-configured DSP processor settings, optimized for the given device. They can be used with or without Extron DSP Templates to speed up and assist in the development of a system configuration. There are six types of building blocks available for Extron ProDSP units, including:

Microphone Inputs

When entering a building block for a microphone, you are presented with a choice of folders, such as Table Mic, Lectern Mic, Ceiling Mic, Handheld Mic, and Wireless Mic. Expanding any of these folders allows you to choose a specific microphone that matches the microphone in your system and adds compensation for microphone placement. If the exact model is not in the folder, you can choose something that is close as a starting point, then make gain adjustments.

Line Level Inputs

The line level folder includes a variety of standard inputs, such as DVD Player, iPod, Telephone Rx, etc. Inserting any of these building blocks will optimize dynamics and input levels for those sources.

AV Inputs

On the DTP CrossPoint switch matrices, building blocks for the Audio & Video inputs are stereo versions of the line level input blocks defined above.

Virtual Returns

When selecting a building block for the virtual returns, you are presented with a selection of microphone, program and far side sub-mixes. Extron DSP templates already have the Virtual Return building blocks inserted, but you can customize the template or start from scratch and set-up your sub-mixes using these building blocks.


When selecting a building block for the outputs, you are presented with a selection of standard output uses such as codec, telephone transmit, program speakers, voice lift speakers, etc.

Speaker Outputs

Some specialty output building blocks provide equalization for Extron’s line of surface mount and ceiling mount speakers. The equalization included in these speaker building blocks is intended to match most environments in which you would use these speakers.

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