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DMP 128 Series

Capello Audio Electronics

Anthony Capello, PE


"After installing our first DMP 128, we have found that it definitely has the quality and ease of use one would expect from Extron. My team was able to set it up faster than expected with the software and the DSP performance fully met the client’s requirements. In short, we will be specifying it in our upcoming designs."

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Eclipse Audio Visual

Stephen Bell

Technical Director

"The DMP 128 is a very capable audio matrix which represents a great value given its wide range of standard features."

"The DMP 128 is adept at handling complex configurations with powerful signal processing tools. It has provided us with a huge degree of flexibility when designing and installing audio systems in single and multi-room environments. The DMP 128 is now our default matrix mixer."

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aDawliah Universal Electronics APL. Co. W. L. L.

Abdulrahman Melhem

Project Division Manager

"After a thorough evaluation between the Extron DMP 128 C and a competitor, we were able to demonstrate the advantages and value of Extron’s DSP. The customer agreed that the DMP 128 C was the right choice for this project. The result was almost 160 classroom systems, all of them featuring a DMP 128 C."

"The Extron processor solved many of our challenges and simplified mixing, routing, speaker equalization, and most importantly, acoustic echo cancellation."

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GV Multimedia

Kristian Cutting

Sales Director

"The DMP 128 range of products offers a compact, reliable, expandable DSP that is easy to configure and support. It has been a welcome addition to the Extron product range."

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Applied Video Technology, Inc.

Bruce MacLelland Jr., CTS

Account Manager

"With the introduction of the DMP 128, Extron has a rock solid, quality product that handles everything we need it to do."

"The 12 inputs and 8 outputs make it very versatile for almost any meeting or conference space, especially since you can link two together for expanded I/O."

"The intuitive setup-interface of the DSP Configurator Software makes installation a breeze. It really helps AVT finalize an installation much sooner than it would be with other similar products."

"With features such as POTS, Dante and AEC, Extron’s DMP 128 has really helped make AVT’s system designs and installations go much smoother, especially with it being much lower cost than the competition!"

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ANDERSON - Audio Video

Fabian Barrera

Systems Engineer

"The Extron DMP 128 line offers integrators a very flexible product line that is suitable for smaller videoconference rooms to larger divisible rooms. The best part for me is the DSP Configurator Software that makes the setup of the DSP very simple to do while still offering some great flexibility."

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Advanced Presentation Systems

Jay Lefkovitz, EAVA Certified, XTP-E Certified


"The DMP 128 has become a mainstay of our system designs. The setup and troubleshooting of this new breed of DSP is very easy. So much so that our installation team has been able to install and program these in the field with little support from myself or Extron. This is a great benefit to us as a company, as it allows our techs to complete installations on time and with better audio quality than before. We have less callbacks for audio-related issues."

"The DSP Configurator Software is very easy to use and allows the tech team to see what is going on in the mixer, and allows for adjustments easier than other DSPs that have been used in the past."

"The majority of our customers are tech-savvy. When they see the power of these DSPs they tell me, ‘Wow, that is so easy!’"

"Interfacing the DMP 128 with control systems is easy and quick."

"The DMP 128 is one of the quicker systems I have worked with to set up submixes and to link one or more devices."

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J.P. Lilley & Son, Inc.

Duane Hammaker, CTS, XTP-E Certified

AV Integration Manager / Lead Designer

"We installed two of the DMP 128 C models at Temple University’s Harrisburg Campus. We integrated them into their A/V systems so they could have Webinars to and from their main campus."

"The DMP 128 C works great and was easy to integrate and set up using the DSP Configurator Software. We have been using the DMP 128 since its release and have always had success with the product. The AEC is a great add-on feature."

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