Digital Design Guide - Fourth Edition

Digital Video for Professional AV Systems

Over the past decade, the AV industry has evolved through multiple major technological transitions. High resolution digital video, collaboration, and networking technologies now permeate the modern AV systems used in organizations worldwide to facilitate communication and information sharing. As a leading manufacturer of products engineered for the commercial AV market, Extron has an extensive history with the development of product solutions and technologies for digital video system integration. We are pleased to be offering the AV industry’s most complete portfolio of products for switching and distribution, signal processing, signal extension, streaming over networks, and more.

This Digital Design Guide is an essential resource for the latest digital video formats and technologies, as well as principles for formulating effective approaches to system design. It offers guidance in addressing common AV design challenges, from reliably transmitting digital video over long distances, to successfully managing EDID and HDCP throughout a system, and accommodating the newest sources and displays, including models that support resolutions up to 8K. Ultimately, the Guide aims to provide a solid technical and practical foundation for successfully designing systems that fully satisfy an end user’s expectations for performance, reliability, and serving as an integral aspect of the facility or organization’s core operations.

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