Design Guides

Extron Design and Product Guides are useful, in-depth technical and practical resources for system designers and integrators working with key AV technologies including digital video, fiber optics, AV streaming, and SDI. Each Guide offers a catalog of Extron products relevant to each of these technologies, as well as a glossary of key terms. The Design Guides also offer comprehensive primers and tutorials of the essentials necessary for successful deployment, as well as sample system designs in typical AV environments with equipment requirements and detailed signal flow. All Extron Design and Product Guides are free and available on request or PDF download.

Digital Design Guide4th Edition

The Digital Design Guide is a comprehensive reference for digital video technologies that provides practical, in-depth coverage of the technical and design issues associated with the integration of digital video signals into AV systems.

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NEWEsports Systems Design Guide

The Esports Systems Design Guide provides must-have information for creating well-designed AV systems that greatly enhance the user experience and maximize the educational benefits for all participants. Complete with actual case studies, and overview of the market potential, and a selection of Extron high performance products, this guide will prepare you to up your esports game and prepare for the future.

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Architectural AV Solutions Guide

This guide takes you on a tour through various professional environments, highlighting how Extron’s elegant and functional products blend harmoniously within each space. The pages are filled with stunning examples of discreet connectivity and technology that’s hidden in plain sight.

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Videowall Systems Design Guide3rd Edition

The Videowall Systems Design Guide is a comprehensive reference for AV professionals tasked with creating high performance videowall system designs, with in-depth coverage of essential topics such as 4K, room design, videowall processing features, display technology, system control, and cost of ownership.

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GUI Design Guide5th EDITION

This Guide is written to be easily understood by system designers with user interface design experience, and by those wanting to be educated about proper interface design. Topics range from user interface guidelines - including information mapping, color considerations, ergonomics, font choice, and many others.

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AV Streaming Design Guide3rd Edition

The AV Streaming Design Guide is an educational resource aimed at familiarizing AV professionals with the technologies, challenges, and potential applications of AV over IP streaming.

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Courtroom AV Systems

From AV switching and distribution, control, audio, signal processing and streaming, courtrooms are becoming increasingly reliant on the accurate depiction and reproduction of audiovisual content. The Courtroom AV Systems brochure introduces you to a wide variety of Extron products and their role in the modern courtroom.

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Fiber Optic Design Guide5th Edition

The Fiber Optic Design Guide is a reference manual to help the AV professional develop the required expertise to employ fiber optic technology in AV systems.

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AV Technology for Learning Environments Guide4th Edition

The AV Technology for Learning Environments Guide is an essential reference for designing technology-enriched learning spaces. It provides in-depth information on AV technology, as well as solutions for connectivity, transmission, switching and distribution, recording and streaming, and control.

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