Dante Domain Manager

Enterprise network environments often require security and logical segmenting which can make the implementation of an AV over IP solution challenging. Similarly, it can be desirable to protect AV routing, and other settings, from being changed by unauthorized users.

Dante Domain Manager (DDM) from Audinate is network management software that provides solutions to these challenges. DDM enables user authentication, role-based security, and seamless expansion of Dante systems over any network infrastructure.

Complete Network Management for Dante Systems

  • Assign user-specific roles for defined devices, enabling independent control of each zone or location
  • Create and manage independent Dante domains
  • Dante domains can encompass multiple network subnets
  • System status dashboard
  • Time-stamped audit reports of all changes
  • Remote email alerts
  • Secure Encrypted Administration and Device Configuration

DDM-Enabled Products from Extron

Extron offers a full lineup of audio over IP products, using the Dante protocol, that allows AV integrators to include audio networking technology into a variety of applications. Extron Dante products deliver reliable performance and flexibility in the distribution of audio signals, with many additional integrator-friendly features to meet your audio system needs.

Dante Domain Manager Ready
Dante Domain Manager Ready

For system designs requiring the enterprise level security and network management provided by DDM, these Dante-enabled Extron products support DDM:

DMP 128 Plus AT

Extron DMP 128 Plus AT models send out 24 channels of digital audio and can receive 48 channels over a Dante network.

  • DMP 128 Plus AT 12x8 ProDSP Processor w/Dante
  • DMP 128 Plus C AT 12x8 ProDSP Processor w/AEC, and Dante
  • DMP 128 Plus C V AT 12x8 ProDSP Processor w/AEC, VoIP, and Dante
DMP 128 Plus AT Models
DMP 128 Plus AT Models

NetPA 502 AT

The NetPA 502 AT Dante-enabled audio power amplifier delivers two channels at 50 watts into 4 ohms.

NetPA 502 AT
NetPA 502 AT

NetPA 1001-70V AT

The NetPA 1001-70V AT Dante-enabled, mono audio power amplifier delivers 100 watts at 70 volts for high impedance speaker systems.

NetPA 1001-70V AT
NetPA 1001-70V AT

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