Video Teleconference

Video Teleconference with CCI Pro 700

Configure a system with 12-key alphanumeric keypad and phonebook navigation


Video teleconferencing allows you to communicate with several global locations concurrently, without leaving your office. The system shown here features a CCI Pro 700 conference, collaboration, and control interface, providing easy control of the conferencing hardware using the control processor within the DTP Crosspoint 84 IPCP SA. The graphical interface on the CCI Pro 700 is created using GUI Designer software and the control configuration is created using Global Configurator Plus. The buttons on the CCI Pro 700 can be configured to control the dialing functions and AV room control functions, as well.


  • DTP CrossPoint 84 IPCP SA 8x4 Scaling Presentation Matrix Switchers with Control Processor
  • 55" or Larger 1080p LCD Displays, Two per system
  • HD Video Conference Codec
  • Extron CCI Pro 700 Conference, Collaboration, and Control Interface
  • Extron SI 28W Two-Way In-Wall Speakers, One Pair per room
  • 19" Equipment Rack Enclosure

System Design Solution

Operational Requirements

After reviewing the customer’s requirements, determine what devices they wish to control and what controls they wish to provide with the interface. Do they want the ability to access an address book on the interface? How many address book entries would they like to see on each page? What type of user experience and visual confirmation do they wish to offer on the interface when interacting with the codec?

  1. Design a User Interface for the CCI Pro 700 using GUI Designer.
  2. Configure the system using Global Configurator.

Key Configuration Concepts

  1. 12-key alphanumeric keypad configuration – building and displaying a string.

    When a key on the keypad is pressed, the control processor uses a memory buffer and a control timer to create a string based on how many times the key was pressed to get the right letter. For example, if the #2 key is pressed twice within 1 second, the buffer receives the letter A. This string is required to be shown on the page.

    The screen shots on this page show the configuration for the key #2 and how the character gets changed with each press of the key.

    Video Teleconference Design
  2. Phonebook navigation – scrolling up and down through the phonebook entries using the navigation keys.

    The screen shots on this page show the configuration for the Up navigation key. Pressing the Up key performs a page up on the phonebook to show other entries.

    Video Teleconference Design

Software Tip: If only one room needs controlling, either GC Pro or GC Plus can be used. If you plan to scale this application above one primary control interface then GC Pro would be required.

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