CS 1226T Plus

Two-Way 70/100 V SpeedMount Ceiling Speaker System

The Extron CS 1226T Plus SpeedMount® Ceiling Speaker System is a patented low profile, plenum rated two‑piece speaker system designed for division-of-labor installations. The speaker system features the newest speaker innovation from Extron, a unique speaker design that greatly simplifies ceiling speaker installation and delivers significant time and cost savings. It is comprised of a CS 120P plenum rated enclosure and a CS 26T Plus two-way speaker cartridge. The CS 26T Plus delivers smooth off-axis response and offers wide 112° conical coverage for flexibility in speaker spacing. It is optimized for a wide range of paging and audio presentation applications, delivering accurate voice and high performance, full-range audio reproduction.

A low-voltage contractor places the CS 120P enclosure directly on the ceiling grid without the need for a tile bridge, C‑ring, or tile rails. Signal wiring is then routed to the enclosure. This dramatically cuts installation time and costs during the rough-in phase. Later, an AV technician can quickly complete installation by connecting the CS 26T Plus speaker cartridge to the system and securing it into the enclosure. The CS 1226T Plus is part of Extron's expanding lineup of speaker system solutions that divide the installation labor between contractors, reduce parts counts, and streamline sound system integration.

Key Features

  • Patented two-piece speaker system for suspended ceilings in division-of-labor installations:
    • CS 120P plenum ceiling tile enclosure, 1' x 2' (30.5 cm x 61 cm), pair
    • CS 26T Plus two-way speaker cartridge, pair
  • Enclosure and speaker cartridge can be purchased as individual components and installed separately by low-voltage and AV system contractors
  • Provides significant time and cost savings in ceiling speaker installation
  • 3/4" (19 mm) ferrofluid-cooled dome tweeter
  • 6.5" (165 mm) long-throw woofer with a tuned bass reflex port
  • 8 ohm direct or 70/100 volt operation on a six-position, behind-the-grille selector
  • Frequency range: 42 Hz to 20 kHz
  • 60 watts continuous pink noise
    120 watts continuous program
  • 112° conical dispersion provides wide coverage and allows for flexible speaker placement
  • Thin bezel and magnetically attached grille
  • Fast-installing enclosure speeds installation; no tile bridge necessary
  • UL 2043 plenum rated enclosure
  • Low profile, 5" (12.7 cm) deep enclosure for plenum environments
  • Compatible with US 2' x 2' ceiling grids and metric 600 mm x 600 mm ceiling grids
  • 5 year parts and labor warranty

Wide Frequency Range for Performance or Extremely Wide Dispersion for Coverage

Diagram of wide dispersion

The Extron SpeedMount Ceiling Speaker Series offers two versions. The CS 1226T Plus shown on the left offers a two-way design with a 42 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range and a 112° nominal coverage angle designed for a variety of audio applications including music, program, and voice. On the right is the CS 123T full-range driver offering a voice-optimized 118 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range and an extremely wide 165° nominal coverage angle for applications where high intelligibility and maximum coverage is desired such as paging applications and low ceiling installations.

Integrated Tile Bridge

The CS 120P enclosure features an integrated tile bridge that evenly distributes the weight of the enclosure and the CS 26T Plus speaker cartridge on the ceiling grid. This avoids the hardware traditionally needed to support conventional ceiling speakers, and reduces associated labor costs.

Tile Bridge
Integrated Tile Bridge

Labor and Cost Savings

  • No separate tile bridge
  • No C-rings
  • No tile rails
  • No small parts to lose
  • Faster install

Shallow Plenum Return Airspace

Many conventional ceiling speaker back cans may not be ideal for ceiling space locations with obstructions such as fire sprinkler piping or HVAC ducting. The CS 120P features a shallow 5" profile for installation in areas with shallow clearances above the ceiling.

Shallow Plenum Return Airspace

Removable Sizing Tabs for 600 mm x 600 mm Ceilings

The CS 120P enclosures are delivered from the factory for installation into US-style 2' x 2' suspended ceiling grids. However, the CS 120P is compatible with metric 600 mm square ceiling grids as well. All that is necessary is to cut off the sizing tabs at the ends of the enclosure. The CS 120P can therefore be specified for a wide variety of worldwide suspended ceiling standards.

Removable Sizing Tabs
CS 1226 T Plus Diagram
CS 1226 T Plus Diagram

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