Extron Introduces New Larger Models of CrossPoint Plus Matrix Switchers

  • Public relations contact:
  • Joe da Silva, Vice President of Marketing
  • Extron
  • E-mail: pr@extron.com
Anaheim, California (June 12, 2002) – The Extron CrossPoint Plus Series Matrix Switchers route analog RGBHV signals and have 425 MHz (-3dB) ultra-wideband RGB bandwidth, fully loaded. The CrossPoint Plus line provides convenient off-the-shelf solutions for centralized control of high performance routing applications. Now, in addition to the existing 16 models, there are eight new models in four larger sizes with an expanded feature set:
  • CrossPoint Plus 2412 HV/HVA (24 inputs by 12 outputs)
  • CrossPoint Plus 2424 HV/HVA (24 inputs by 24 outputs)
  • CrossPoint Plus 3216 HV/HVA (32 inputs by 16 outputs)
  • CrossPoint Plus 3232 HV/HVA (32 inputs by 32 outputs)
Each model offers two versions: "HV" versions switch RGBHV signals, while "HVA" versions also switch two channel stereo audio (balanced and unbalanced). In addition to RGBHV, all models also switch RGBS, RGsB, RsGsBs, HDTV, component video, S-video, and composite video. Each input and output is individually isolated and buffered. Inputs can be switched to any one or all outputs with virtually no crosstalk or signal noise between channels. Extron Direct IP is available only on these new CrossPoint Plus models to provide connectivity via any Ethernet network or TCP/IP connection, enabling the product to be accessed from anywhere on the network—from multiple sites or even over the Internet. Direct IP control also provides web hosting capabilities with online pages for full functionality and monitoring of the product via any web browser. Custom web pages can be produced with any off-the-shelf software program to create your own HTML pages or java applets. Additional control is available via the QuickSwitch Front Panel Controller (QS-FPC™), by RS-232/422 control, and with the Extron MCP 1000 Master Control Panel. Audio output volume adjustment and muting for each individual output can be controlled through RS-232/422 or front panel button control. Audio output levels can be set dynamically at different levels to feed an external audio amplifier, thus eliminating the need for a pre-amplifier. Another feature exclusive to the new larger models is the ability to download firmware from the Extron Web site. Updates for new features and capabilities can be easily upgraded through the RS-232/RS-422 or Ethernet port. Additionally, the new CrossPoint Plus Series switchers include all of the same features as the existing models, such as Extron's exclusive Digital Sync Validation Processing (DSVPTM), which confirms whether or not sources are active, I/O grouping for easier installation and control, adjustable input audio gain and attenuation, and Triple-Action Switching™, which blanks the screen while switching to a new source for a glitch-free transition. Each switcher is housed in a rack-mountable, 19 inch wide enclosure and includes redundant power supplies. The primary power supply system is configured to support automatic fail-over to a hot spare power supply. This means zero downtime for the system and no loss of functionality should the primary power supply fail.

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