Convention Center

Convention Center

Use Serial over Ethernet drivers and create schedules for system efficiency


Convention Centers typically offer adequate floor space to accommodate several thousand attendees where individuals and groups meet and companies showcase new and innovative products. AV within these spaces includes a broad variety of sources, displays, and audio reinforcement, with complex switching and distribution into multiple zones.


  • Extron IPCP Pro 350 Control Processor (centralized in the media studio)
  • SME 100 - H.264 Streaming Media Encoder (total of 3 centralized in the media studio)
  • SMD 101 - H.264 Streaming Media Decoder (total of 10 for each of the desired zones)
  • Extron TLP Pro 1020M TouchLink Pro Touchpanels (centralized in the media studio)
  • TV Tuner (centralized in the media studio)
  • 1080p Displays (total of 10 for each of the desired zones)

System Design Solution

Operational Requirements

After reviewing the customer’s requirements, it was determined that they wish to transmit video from the central media room of the convention hall to multiple zones. Also, a camera feed from the entrance is available for transmission. The customer would like to be able to schedule all of the displays in the various zones to turn on and off at various times.

  1. Design User Interface for Touchpanel using GUI Designer.
  2. Configure the system using GC Pro.

Key Configuration Concepts

  1. Serial over Ethernet control – Control of the displays will be accomplished using the Serial over Ethernet feature of GC Pro. The Ethernet control port in GC Pro will be switched to Serial over Ethernet mode and then the serial display driver will be assigned to it. This will allow the control processor to send and receive control commands over the Ethernet which will be converted to serial commands by the SMD 101.
    Serial over Ethernet Feature
    Serial over Ethernet feature of GC Pro
  2. Schedule – A welcome screen will be shown on all of the displays from 8 AM to 9 AM on every weekday.
    Schedule for intialization
    Schedule for initialization - for automatic input switching at the desired times and days of the week.

Software Tip: GC Pro is required for this application to support the number of controlled devices the customer is requesting.

Convention Center Design Diagram
Convention Center Design Diagram

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