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Use Wake on LAN driver support


Wake on LAN - WOL is a networking standard that allows one to power up a computer from another location over a network by using a specifically-designed packet called a Magic Packet. Since WOL utilizes the UDP protocol, only the MAC address of the PC is required.

The system shown here features numerous computers in a computer lab that the customer would like to be awakened by the control system upon system start up. This will allow instruction to begin immediately as students walk into the classroom.


  • Extron MLC Plus 84 D
  • 1080p Short throw Projector with Projection Screen
  • Extron IN1608 SA with Stereo Amp and DTP 230
  • Extron SI 28W Two-Way In-Wall Speakers

System Design Solution

Operational Requirements

After reviewing the customer’s requirements, determine when the customer would like the control system to power on the computers. Do they want the system to be powered up at a specific time, or only when the start button on the control panel is pressed?

  1. Customize the button layout on the MediaLink controller using the Custom Button Builder.
  2. Configure the system using GC Plus or GC Pro. A driver specifically designed to send “Magic Packet” will be required as well as the MAC Address of the remote computer or computers.

Key Configuration Concepts

  1. Since WOL uses UDP, an IP address is not really required; however Global Configurator does require some kind of identifier. An easy way to provide this identifier is use an IP address within the same subnet range as the control processor.
Configuration for control of one or more PCs
Configuration for control of one or more PCs. Since this driver is UDP-based, an IP address is not required, only one Ethernet port is required to control one or more PCs.
Communication settings for the WOL driver
Communication settings for the WOL driver. Note: we are using the Aliasing feature of Global Configurator for naming the multiple PCs in the room.

Software Tip: For this application GC Pro or GC Plus can be used, as there are no software-specific limitations in configuring this system. If one needs to add an additional primary point of control or exceed eight Ethernet drivers, then GC Pro will be required.

Computer Lab Diagram
Computer Lab Diagram
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